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In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain the author uses multiples of satirical techniques through the various characters to humorously criticize the seriousness of the problem that the American society had faced Most of the satires that the author included was related to education slavery and religion Heavy topics like slavery and others may not be comfortable for the readers but the author involved these issues into the novel to appeal how important these follies and flaws are affecting our society His use of humorous criticism may not only entertain the readers but also approach to the readers politically to display the cruelty of American society He applies several satirical techniques into the novel hopes to bring positive changes and influences in people s perspectives on stereotypical subjects Twain uses satire in many different topics but his satirical techniques on slavery appears earlier than most of the others When Huck asks Jim about his father s return he says What I wanted to know was what he was going to do and was he going to stay but he says sometimes it accept without money I said it was a bad money but maybe the hairball will take it because maybe it wouldn t know the difference Twain Ch 4

In their dialogue Twain is poking fun at the fact that Huck is asking Miss Watson s slave Jim about Pap s return and Jim responds to Huck about having a ritual on a hairball that can reveal the reason of Pap s return Huck falls in his trick and gives him the money Although it may be obvious that the readers would know the fact that the hairball cannot do anything Mark Twain intentionally adds the satirical piece to publicly reveal the way society treats slaves However slavery was one of the most significant issue in the American history and yet they were considered incapable and incompetent Therefore if slaves were really deficient properties then Jim could ve not easily fool Huck Another Twain s social criticism that he makes is on education Even before analyzing specifically through the satirical piece on education Pap s absurd assertion clearly reveals the ugliness of prejudice on education at that period of time In Chapter 4 Pap aggressively argues You re educated too can read and write You think you re better n your father now don t you because he can t I ll take it out of you Who told you you might meddle with such hifalut n foolishness hey Who told you you could When Pap first sees his son he gets extremely mad at the fact that Huck can read and write Pap then continues with even more violent tone and asserts that education is useless His illogical and ironical reasoning delivers deep acknowledgement to the students and the society because education is the most essential and valuable knowledge that people should always appreciate Still now education is what the African kids desire to receive at least once in their lifetime Additionally it provides moral lessons of how individual can hurt and influence negatively to the younger generation just with their words Certainly education is the key in people s daily lives and the answer to American society In the early part of the novel

Twain shows the remarkable satirical technique about religion to reveal about Christians and their religion In chapter 18 Twain describes the Grangerfords true identity Next Sunday we all went to church the men took their guns along Grangerfords were an aristocratic family that reasoned the best of the South and all of them attended church However they were too focused on aiming for the chance to kill each other These respectable members natural evilness could not defeat their shame that they had The author indicates to the readers that church symbolizes peace and love and even the Grangerfords were taught to love their neighbor since they were young However their purpose of going to church is for the murder of each other to get back their authority and respect In this sense Twain questions their belief and criticizes how hypocritical a good Christian s behavior is He further emphasizes that the true religion is hard to find within the society because of each individuals greed and ambitions All in all Mark Twain constantly used satirical criticism throughout the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to strongly emphasize how our society institutions and individuals attempt to mock and ignore on the important topics such as religion slavery and education His satire was closely linked with hypocrisy and follies that involves the community which people are ignorant about these serious past that the country experienced His effort to humorously denounce the prejudiced and misjudged society brought a better chance and opportunity on to our American society

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