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Introduction In this task I will be looking at two models of behavior change that have been used in recent national health campaigns and will be incorporating examples from national campaigns illustrating how the two different models have been used Stages of Change Model The stages of change behavior model is essentially where a person is helped to change their behavior to something that will better them or to stop an existing bad health contributor It consists of 6 stages to success It is important to note that whilst the model follows a certain order the model and be exited and re entered at any stage The first stage is the Precontemplation stage This stage is where a health care specialist begins to make the person start to think about some of the choices they re making in terms of their health by asking a few simple questions that are open ended and mean that the person in need of help can think and review their choices The person needing help won't necessarily see the issue as a problem at this stage For example we can use the national campaign called Change4Life which is a campaign that promotes an overall healthier lifestyle A person could have gone to see a Specialist about their diet but can't necessarily see what they're doing wrong then this is where the specialist would enter the Precontemplation Stage with the person They could ask questions such as Have you thought about how much salt you put on your food or the level and rate at which you are consuming salt Or things like Do you think you would feel better if you decrease your daily sugar intake 

The next stage of the model is the Contemplation stage This is the stage where the person has more or less had a think about their behaviors that are not good for their health and the person will begin to ask a few questions The questions the person asks will be things such as How Why When Should I change These are perfectly normal questions for the person to ask as they are just coming to terms with the fact that maybe the behavior they re partaking in isn t the best for their health which then leads us onto the next stage In terms of Change4Life the person would be beginning to see how they could potentially lower certain intakes of substances such as Salt or Sugar They could ask questions such as When should I make these supposed changes Or How much should I reduce my intake by These questions all show that the person is beginning to think about how it is affecting them in the long run The next stage of the model is called the Prepared Determined Stage In this part the person fully realizes how and why what they are doing is bad and exhibits a strong want to change

The health care specialist will then provide the correct pieces of information for what can be done to rectify the issue and will use their expert knowledge to advise best next steps to success With the Change4Life campaign the person would have by this point acknowledged the fact that they are doing bad to their health by consuming to much or Salt or Sugar and will begin to be looking for the correct pieces of information to begin their journey to a better diet and overall healthier lifestyle The stage of the model now is called the Actor stage This is the stage where the person is ready begin the journey to change and is looking for a team of healthcare specialists to help and put a plan in place and have specific targets put in place This could mean that the Specialist refers the patient to different specialists who are more experienced in the certain issue or the Specialist gives the person the correct leaflets and pieces of information The specialist would help by also making sure that the goals and milestones that the person sets are to ambitious and would help choose the best routes for the person to go overall 

They would agree certain times they would meet to look at progress and what is happening In terms of Change4Life the person would ask the specialist what the next steps are and the specialist would then give the relevant leaflets and information to the person and agree meeting dates for them to check progress The Specialist would then tell the person what they would like to see achieved by the next time that they meet and would tell the person the actions necessary to take The next stage of the model is the maintainer This is where the health care professional keeps the person engaged and motivated to do well in what they are trying to achieve weather that be lifting the person's spirits to keep them motivated or looking at other routes and options if the current method of gaining health isn t working properly In terms of Change4Life this could be when the person has come back for a checkup and they are not motivated and don't feel as if it is working for them The healthcare professional could look at other options available and try to motivate the person to succeed in their goals The final stage of the model is the relapse stage This is the stage where the healthcare professionals ensure that the person doesn't become low about themselves and that the person doesn't relapse back into the bad health state or habit The healthcare professional will look at

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