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In workplace self actualization can be tricky because it workers tend to want to become who they wanted to be and employer may motivate them by providing more intensive training to drive an employees ability to the right destination or the right work that they can see that their potential is being recognized In Volvo s case their system works simply because it falls right into every spectrum of motivating an employee For example in wage distribution workers are not worried about this because of the wage gap is not too big during that era in Sweden and their wage is equally distributed according to their capacity and level of expertise in building a car Their safety needs were also met by Volvo providing them training and furthermore their work practices are fair that every person in the team is a car builder Training also will be given to those who are willing to participate Sense of belonging was also achieved in the Uddevalla plant where every person belongs to a working group and cooperation is paramount in this system where each of them may rely on everyone on the team for example the team members will rely on the guidance and help of their team leader and the work of the personnel task specialist who make off duty roster Esteem needs is the most obvious motivator that is being injected in the Uddevalla system into the workers each member will have the opportunity to prove themselves as a leader because team leader position is being rotated among the group member This gives them confidence in being in the assembly plant This is the same for the specialist person too technician personnel and teaching in which he she will have the sense of importance and achievement by becoming a specialist 

Apart from that bonuses and different pay wage plays a role in this matter too whereby the person with specialist task or number quarters he she can build is rewarded In self actualization the Volvo system is obviously built around this that Volvo gives partial autonomy to the worker that employees may show their potential in becoming decision maker By giving a team to build the whole car or an individual to do it it gives them the challenge and opportunity to have the sense of purpose in their work Workers who wish to be a specialist or learning to build different quarter of the car were given training This will grant them individual growth and development In this work setting unique challenges may arise that altogether become an interesting quest for the managers Here three possible challenges might occur in general which needs multiple interventions of management layer and two possible challenges for the management layer which are a Challenge in motivating new workers to not feel overwhelmed When a new worker arrived and signed up for the job he she might feel intimidated over the concept of building the whole car from the ground up and they are expected to learn from other people then needs to always reflect and think about his action to produce a quality work This might get them feel burdened in some way or another Thus it is very important that team leaders and teachers to always take part in this matter so that new workers may feel motivated instead of challenged and then afraid to make mistakes 

The system also encouraged workers to always being independent towards some extent too that may give them worry and lose sense of security Hence managers will have to adjust time learning for them to build their confidence and figure out what how and how much time they need until they are able to ease into the work b Challenge in encouraging senior workers to do more quarters Senior workers were part of the workforce too and they are already accustomed to the line assembly system Motivating them to be involved in the Reflective Production System is an entire challenge but it does not stop there Another challenge in facing senior workers is to motivate them to learn to build more quarter of the car As described earlier every worker is a builder and the ultimate goal is to have them acquire the ability to build the whole car so they have to start building quarter by quarter Advantages to have many builders with the ability to build the whole car are so that human resources can be flexible to cover a teammate when they are on sick leave or permanently leaving the job and etc and competent that they may function more Senior workers might not feel the motivation to learn more

 Thus this pose a challenge as to how to make them wanted to do more This may face the team leader product shop leader and plant manager as a whole Training might work but to get them sincerely do it might challenge the managers c Challenge in encouraging younger workers to take more responsibility As stated earlier team leader work is being rotated among the teammates who have the right competence to be one and in order for a person to qualify to that position is to take up more responsibility and willing to take the challenge training and courage to do so It would not be a democratic if only a few members are being rotated as the team leader thus workers need to be encouraged to take more responsibility This loop is similar with the previous point whereby workers who take more responsibility can be flexible and more competent that they may cover for their teammate and eventually the group have their own representative all the time because anyone is flexible and competent enough to be a leader Young workers are a particular group of concern because they have more energy and time than the senior workers and in the assumption that they will stay in the assembly plant for a longer period of time before they decided to retire

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