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Increasing Learner freedom ICT allow for better demarcation particularly in primary schools with programmes modified to entity students requirements In further words ICT provide teachers with the occasion to offer a variety of knowledge responsibilities within the similar classroom for the advantage of the entity students e learning Nordic study 2006 It supplementary affirmed that students suppose better accountability for their own education when they use ICT functioning further separately and successfully Enhancing competence and efficiency of teaching management New technologies can assist get better the excellence of managerial actions and procedure counting human resource management student listing and monitor student s achievement in evaluation tests Energetic knowledge and genuine evaluation In numerous classroom situations it is complicated to tolerate students to be adequately energetic as participants Naturally students are regularly inactive expend a lot of time listening and interpretation But with the utilization of ICTs students are further probable to be concerned and thoughtful and will accomplish a wider variety of knowledge outcomes if they can be energetic knowledge by doing Committee on development in the discipline of education 2000 BACKGROUND AND LITERATURE REVIEW When the literature is overviewed it seem that the incorporation of ICT is not a straightforward claim it is necessitate to give to the education procedure of the students Cartwright Hammond 2003 Therefore the response agreed to the query 

How must ICT be used in the instruction and knowledge procedure so that it contributes to the education of the student become more and more significant The answers specified to this query can be different according to the position of analysis on the incorporation procedure These points of vision are usually taken in two groups The first is the technical point of observation which chains the incorporation of technical infrastructures and system into the instructive surroundings the next is the educational point of view which chains the incorporation of ICT resources and program in conditions of social constructivist knowledge values Richards 2006 The junction of educational and technical points of examination chains effective associations among appropriate knowledge for satisfied and academic values to design learning environment Therefore teachers require to know why and how to use ICT applications and resources However in a study by Usual Mumu and Demiraslan 2007 it was observed that although teachers stated that they believe in the settlement of the incorporation of ICT they did not be familiar with how to understand that This effect brings about tangible example application hold provided for teachers apart from in commission teaching and technological hold Based on the principle that 

The incorporation process should reinforce knowledge of students there is require to present an included point of sight in the purpose of these processes and to expand some concrete examples for teachers That is why it is stated that the effective use of ICT in lessons depends on the consciousness of teachers of the probable of ICT in teaching and knowledge processes of suitable assortment of resources for their students of effectual meditation of their education and of carrying out class management rules while overcoming the difficulties encountered throughout lessons in which knowledge supported education surroundings What is the reason of the incorporation procedure becomes significant Teachers should be annoying to make stronger students education by combine suitable educational approach and ICT application and possessions in course of acquisition of matter The answer to why query must be look for inside the structure of ICT possessions and application intensification the education procedure of students moving out acquisition of field of subject matter increasing high level learning skills and sustaining individual difference of students For whom shall ICT possessions and application be used 

The topic of the incorporation of ICT into education and learning procedure is students or in further terms they are the learners who are subjected to the integration For this rationale it is significant to conclude the uniqueness of learners who are the aim collection of the incorporation process Consequently it is essential to assign for whom ICT possessions and applications shall be use and to recognize the uniqueness of these users In calculation to cognitive emotional community and physiological distinctiveness of learners ICT literacy should be in use into deliberation The purpose of administration is to improve the superiority of ICT skills amongst schools particularly schools in the distant areas Additionally it is also annoying to slight down the gaps of ICT capacity both in conditions of amount and value among town country and distant areas in the entire country In this observe this might improve the superiority of education and learning on one occasion the excellence and amount of ICT capacity is being enhanced Though Tinio 2003 consider ICT incorporation in schools as one of the best part demanding everyday jobs appropriate to the probable issue and troubles concerning confrontation to alter from the stakeholders that might consequence in breakdown particularly at the early on stages of completion Some unsettled trouble in ICT incorporation in schools particularly in distant areas might consequence in additional gap connecting students in city and countryside areas this will generate a profound financial and communal dissimilarity for the entire state Tinio 2003

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