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Informed consent is when a counselor tells the patient about the treatment plan including the goals of the therapy techniques and procedures that will be used and what the client should expect from the therapy session The clients have the right to use the treatment or refuse the plan The therapist informs the client about the rules principles and techniques used in the therapy sessions Faden 1986 For instance Sarah learns about the treatment plan the therapist gives her She then she has the right to refuse the treatment plan I would tell her about how I am beginning counselor and I am going to record the interview so I can look back on it to give her feedback If she feels uncomfortable with this procedure we may turn off the videos I will tell her that we may stop at any time if she wishes Trust is important between a counselor s However if the client believed to danger himself or herself or reports child abuse then trust is broken If the client seems like he or she is going to perform dangerous behaviors then confidentiality can be broken Mayer and Jeremy Sullivan 2008 A counselor creates trust by having an ongoing partnership establishing boundaries and having confidentiality I can create confidentiality with Sarah by showing up to work on time 

Tell my Sarah that this information will not be shared with other people I will look Sarah in the eye so she knows that I am fully paying attention If Sarah is going to harm herself then I can tell the police and break confidentiality The counselor first started listening to Sarah s problems before solving them For example the counselor listened to her talk about her boyfriend that she broke up with Listening also helps avoid solving problems for her Sarah must figure out the problems herself Listening is also a good observation skill because it avoids jumping into different solutions I also can summarize Sarah interview and paraphrase Rapport is when an individual or group that supports easier communication with another person This is done by having manners examples and ideas common with the client How does one build rapport One can build a rapport by checking their appearance The therapist can also have basic good communication skills Find common ground and create shared experiences The therapist can also by empathic and have similar speech patterns To build a rapport with Sarah first I ll make sure my tone of voice is soothing Then I ll make sure that my energy level meets her energy level Then I'll make sure I'll dress appropriate clothing that make Sarah feel comfortable to talk too but still professional When Sarah laughs I will laugh I do not agree with taking Sarah out of school She is depressed Taking her out of school will just make her feel isolated I also do not think we should take food for therapy lessons I think taking food for lessons does not seem ethically okay I think we should either give the therapy lessons with a payment plan that Sarah is able to keep up with 

Clients will grow as individuals if they feel heard and respected If they feel heard and respected they will resolve their concerns faster Multicultural awareness and sensitivity are becoming a core competent and therapy IVEY 1987 In When I am interviewing Sarah I must show that I respect her for to open to me Resilience is an example of a long term goal The long term goal is for the client to have positive behavioral adaptation when they encounter trauma threats or even significant I must show Sarah that she can be resilience to overcome her depression Individuals must conclude A therapist is there to be a part of the process by making sure they come with the solution I must help Sarah by making sure she comes up with the solution of the problem on her own Multicultural Counseling is when a counselor has client with a different cultural background then them and how that might affect the counseling relationship A therapist must acknowledge and identify the difference Being sensitive to the cultural difference is important for therapist Therapist must also learn about their client culture to better understand the client Jones 1996 

What is meant by client stories and rewriting stories How does rewriting stories play a role in therapy Describe what is meant by wellness and positive psychology Why is positive psychology important I would like to ask Sarah more about school I would have her right ways she can relieve stress and make sure she is passing her course by having her write her home work schedule The part that would be hard for me to refuse her payment plan I want her to pay me but I know she cannot afford it However it is not professional to pay with food I would get past this by not having her pay In my book keeping I would right it as volunteer hours Hopefully by now you have completed several role plays Please briefly describe one role play you have completed Please describe your personal strengths and weaknesses as you and your participant have observed What characteristics of counseling come more naturally for you Which characteristics of counseling do you feel you need to practice to become more effective

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