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DDOS Attacks and Prevention Techniques

Cloud computing is a model that includes service provider and service consumer interacting with each other over a network It provides lots of benefits for service consumers as they can use resources on cloud Clients can use applications on cloud any platform on cloud and can any infrastructure without maintaining it Other benefits are Storage CPU utilization etc Security is big issue in cloud computing and with the passage of time attacks on security are increasing so many researchers are working to propose a solution that eliminate security issues in cloud One of the most frequent security problem is DDOS attack In DDOS attack the attacker intends either to occupy the bandwidth of server so that legitimate users can not access it or sends a large amount of traffic on particular resource to keep it busy in handling requests of attackers so that legitimate users can not use them As Cloud computing provides pay per use facility so attackers using the resources will not pay for it It causes economical losses to cloud providers Detecting attacks can also cause economical loss to some extent because attacker will keep on using resources and causing problem for legitimate users till they are detected So it is required to prevent DDOS attacks from accessing the server Many attackers make use of spoofed i e fake IP addresses

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