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Oscillating frequency and modulating the drain current of MOS

This project exploits the concept of change in the oscillating frequency and modulating the drain current of MOS integrated cantilever structure caused by the binding of an analyte to the cantilever This requires design and development of high sensitivity high resolution innovative functionalized cantilever which is a real technological challenge The toughest landmark of the project will be the integration of MEMS structure with CMOS process leading to the development high resolution high sensitivity device for early diagnostic of deadly diseases This research proposal is a step towards conceptualizing the design fabrication and testing of MEMS integrated CMOS system on chip Soc capable of performing real time bio molecular analysis and early diagnostic of deadly diseases In the present research project we plan is to design and develop a high resolution high sensitivity MEMS and CMOS integrated system on chip These CMOS based MEMS micro array will be capable of bio molecular sensing in attogram range for an early diagnostics of toxins hormones proteins bacteria and DNA strands etc The SoC planned to be developed in this project will also be capable of performing the real time analysis of reaction of an antibody to its antigen 

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