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College Preparatory Argentina Legal Committee Topic A International Guidelines for Transitional Justice Human rights are defined as rights inherent to all human beings whatever our nationality place of residence sex national or ethnic origin colour religion language or any other status Human Rights The government s violation of human rights may be seen throughout the entire global community Transitional justice is unfortunately all too relevant to numerous ongoing crises in the international community as governments continue to abuse citizens and deny their basic human rights harvardmun org assets pdfs guides GALC pdf Transitional justice sole purpose is to ensure that a grand violation of governments against human rights are properly dealt with to ensure justice to all victims Transitional justice aides with many issues that have been associated with The Dirty War 1976 1983 until present times and the bombing of the jewish center AMIA in Buenos Aires Due to Argentina s past dictatorship the Dirty War resulted in the disappearance of about 10 000 30 000 civilians that were said to be seized by authorities Dirty War 

Thousands were stripped away from their human rights from the Argentine government by being tortured and murdered while leaving their loved ones with unsolved answers to their disappearance There are various instances where the governments corruption violates the populations human rights and there must be more organized international guidelines for transitional justice in order to ensure that the justice of the citizens is carried out Not only but also a bombing of the AMIA jewish center depicted human rights violation from the Argentine government as Argentina s past president Cristina Fernandez mobilized a scheme to cover Iranian officials role within the incident The wrongdoers of this attack have gone unpunished and justice has not been served to those killed and affected Jewish Center Bombing Casts Shadow over Argentine Politics 23 Years On The country of Argentina is currently resolving their past violations of transitional justice of those harmed as a result of the Dirty War

A depiction of how Argentina is trying to open up the neglected cases of those who were lost forever was stated by the International Center for Transitional Justice so the great challenge we have in the Prosecutor s Office involves trying to find a way to be more efficient and rational to design and setup these cases so that all the defendants will finally get a judgment Decades After Dictatorship Argentina s Courts Still Lead the Fight for Accountability Argentina is trying its best to make their country the best for their people and by re opening cases it will ensure to Argentina s citizens that is is important for them to feel welcomed and cared about in their own country Argentina Additionally Argentina is trying to make up for the the full stop law which occurred in 1986 and set a 60 day deadline for initiation of new prosecutions that they implemented during the dirty war and when this law commenced the prosecution of a large number of defendants then the due obedience law occurring in 1987 and granted automatic immunity from prosecution to all military members except top commanders President Mauricio Macri is currently strengthening democracy within Argentine government so the abuse of human rights problem that has occurred within the country which was as a result of dictatorship will be fixed In addition 

President Macri is also reopening an investigation for Alberto Nissams a prosecutor of the AMIA bombing who had found recent evidence regarding foul play murder Self evidently the global problem of governments abusing their citizens human rights calls for more inforced and organized international guidelines for transitional justice By enforcing these laws it will be represented to the global community that is is an important case going on in today s society All the institutions involved with the criminal justice system are trying to figure out how to organize themselves make the most of resources available and try to cut down on the bureaucracy of the system Decades After Dictatorship Argentina s Courts Still Lead the Fight for Accountability Ever since Argentina has been a dictatorship they ve been corrupt and the government has ever since then been attempting to organize Argentina in every way possible This concept should be implemented worldwide to insure equal transitional justice for all As a prosecutor the most important thing for us is to ensure that the same rules are being applied to the people who are being tried and just because certain trials are conducted faster Decades After Dictatorship Argentina s Courts Still Lead the Fight for Accountability Argentina believes that the United Nations should conduct an organized system

By creating an organized system between the countries of the United Nations it will ensure that the countries are all on the same page and by creating an organization within the United Nations which includes specific regulations and laws that the participating countries must follow would monitor that the transitional justice is correctly carried out This system will ensure that all countries involved are steered with the same organized guidelines to cease violation of transitional justice being carried out Works Cited The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica Dirty War Encyclopædia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica Inc 20 Mar 2014 www britannica com event Dirty War Decades After Dictatorship Argentina s Courts Still Lead the Fight for Accountability International Center for Transitional Justice 27 July 2012 www ictj org news decades after dictatorship argentinas courts still lead fight accountability Afp et al Jewish Center Bombing Casts Shadow over Argentine Politics 23 Years On The Times of Israel www timesofisrael com jewish center bombing casts shadow over argentine politics 23 years on Jta et al Argentine News Site s Analysis of Nisman Probe Gets Media Prize Nod The Times of Israel www timesofisrael com argentine news sites analysis of nisman probe gets media prize nod Human Rights United Nations United Nations www un org en sections issues depth human rights

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