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The Four Way Test may very likely be one of the most famous Statements

The Four Way Test may very likely be one of the most famous statements of the 21st century The test was created because there was a need for a simple guide to right conduct that is easy to remember The test can be applied to nearly any aspect of life and can help organizations and individuals find their own ethical compass The Four Way Test boils down to the importance of integrity Similarly the Goolsby motto starts with the word integrity therefore placing a lot of emphasis and importance on it In an article written by Augustine Ogho it has been reported that senior level executives rank honesty integrity as the most important characteristic for effective leaders and followers Quick and Goolsby The Four Way Test is a simple and easily remembered test consisting of four simple questions Is it the truth Is it fair to all concerned Will it build goodwill and better friendships Will it be beneficial to all concerned If your answers are positive to all the questions then you have passed the test It is world wide used by Rotarians as a moral code for personal and business relationships Comparably the Goolsby motto is Integrity Courage Impact and also serve as a moral code to Goolsby scholars Those three leadership qualities are emphasized in the Academy and are very similar to The Four Way Test since both enforces the fact that integrity is a fundamental essence of leadership and it is important to have a moral code in place so that there is a way of living which is easy to follow as well as prosperous in the long run 

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