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Internet of Things may be might be a vague phrase but however we can see it as a conception of everything comprising a large variety of fields from products for customer to industrial applications The core and smart of Internet of Things can be seen that all devices connect to the Internet and interact to each other These devices could be smartphones smart homes smart household devices self driving cars and health monitoring devices In addition each device is supposed to be an IP address and also embedded chips or processors in combination with multi sensors so as to monitor communicate and control other set of devices in living environment Besides all these devices collect data of our daily life and send to a cloud computing to analyze and learn so as to figure out optimal solutions and then receive appropriate feedbacks from the servers in order to adapt our routines The convolution of Internet of Things tends to change not only the ways people do and think but also the whole labor system as well as eliminate abundant jobs In job market when machines become more intelligent interactive and cheaper there is no more labor worker in the factories but a transition to high tech engineers Many are trained to be software developers to program robots some are trained to be data analysts to collect and analyze factory data to make sure the robots are working correctly 

For instance in factory interactive robots can be applied to most of assembly lines as well as management systems and substituted for labor workers Here the machines or robots can self operate and cooperate as well as communicate with each other smoothly All the procedures are measured and analyzed by a set of robots and then the machine learning analytical information can be transmitted to another set of robots for improving operational methods All the manufacturing processes can be monitored by machines in order to minimize the interruptions and maximize the efficiency With our daily life everything can connect to the Internet to update latest data as well as become automatic and convenient to facilitate human demands From a far distance we can control all our home devices with a portable device like smartphone or smart glass via a single user interface Most automatic systems in our home can also operate in a harmonic way such as turn on off the light and air conditioner when identifying our presence or setup the robber alarm turn off light and reduce the room temperature when we sleep An another application of Internet of Things can be seen with smart fridge which means that now it can know which products are stored inside and can figure out which ones tend to be out of date via codes and notice us through a loudspeaker controlled by AI whenever we open the it Moreover fridge can also connect to a smart scale to analyze our weight and automatically estimate the amount of calories of food that we plan to eat Evenly the Internet of Things devices can also installed in our kitchen like smart gas system which can interact with smart air conditioner to find an optimal setting to minimize the power consumption based on our utilization Our daily items such as clothing shoes are also integrated with smart chips to connect to the Internet for instance smart shoes can collect our walking data to analyze and find out whether we have diseases like Alzheimer 

Furthermore Internet of Things also makes shopping much easier and more convenient than nowadays changing the way we buy products People can interact with Artificial Intelligence via speech in their house to order anything they want and products can be delivered within hours Another important impact of Internet of Thing is on the health area People can always monitor their health everywhere and every time as well as receive suggestions such as walking steps from smart devices to improve their physical appearance For example recently wearable devices such as Apple Watch can read activities of person such as ECG heart rate respiration rate and transmit data to smartphone and warn us if there is anything unusual or if the symptoms become severe the wearable devices can call ambulance or their doctor Besides there are also some ideas about the chips embedded into body to supervise our feeling when meet and interact with person in opposite sex In the future the applications of Internet of Things can make our daily life more comfortable and convenient than ever because intelligent devices collect and analyze our personal data and build a resource of our characteristics to interact smarter with us If mobile apps are thing of the past today and in the future it is the Internet of Things and we are dive in building apps that connect equipment machines and people then analyze and process these information to create new values

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