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Interpretive Hermeneutics Deetz 1982 All seeing is seeing as Deetz 1982 133 Interpretive Hermeneutics states that our pre existing notions and beliefs are developed by outside influences over time whether realized or not and directly impact our interpretation of the world around us Deetz states every researcher and organizational member carries preunderstandings into every act of understanding Deetz 1982 145 Even further Deetz suggests that the preconceived ideas of research subjects must be included in interpretive research instead of attempting to nullify or discount them due to the large role that they play in affecting our perceptions of the world 1982 145 I believe that the strength of Interpretive Hermeneutics is that it takes into account the fact that our personal convictions impact our perceptions and understanding In acknowledging this adapting the post positivist viewpoint could yield results that may better elucidate the continual loop of influence on and construction of insight In contrast a weakness of this theory is that it could be too open ended to apply to some situations In applying the phrase perception is reality we may gloss over some objective truths about the society in which we exist leaning too much on our personal opinions and ultimately misinterpreting messages from others Relational Dialectics Baxter Braithwaite 2008 Relational Dialectics Theory RDT is a theory of the meaning making between relationship parties that emerges from the interplay of competing discourses Baxter Braithwaite 2008 349 

Relational Dialectics Theory focuses on specific communication within a group rather than an overarching theory of communication as a whole This theory aims to interpret the origin of shared meaning and the process of defining and assigning that meaning through the dissection of the language systems or discourses already associated with the words being used in conversation Baxter Braithwaite 2008 349 I find this theory especially interesting and useful because it places emphasis on the mutual creation of meaning and understanding Together the communicating parties forge their own unique understanding One way this can be applied is in the evolution of popular culture through social media such as the widespread use of ever changing slang that is often developed through interactions between social groups in a forum I am also drawn to this theory because it presents a reciprocal view of relationships and communications unlike theories that identify relationships as containers in which communications occur RDT instead maintains that the communication itself builds and shapes those relationships Baxter and Braithwaite 2008 355 Muted Group Wall Gannon Leary 1999 

The Muted Group theory refers to the phenomenon of impeding communication from a certain group of people due to dominance over that group through social constraints that were adapted into language and expression Wall Gannon Leary 1999 22 The importance of this theory is that it calls attention to the social norms within various cultures that have contributed to the creation of an environment where some individuals in this case women are unable to effectively communicate for a myriad of reasons They could fear repercussion judgment work implications disbelief rejection or complete dismissal which can all negatively influence an individual s mode of communication and stifle their expression Women s voices trying to express women s experiences are rarely heard because they must be expressed in a language system not designed for their interests and concerns Wall Gannon Leary 1999 24 I believe that this notion has hindered the communication of many women but has also empowered some to find their own unique form of expression and to challenge societal roles and norms therefore turning a weakness into a strength Sensemaking Alberts Tracy Tretheway 2011 

My interpretation of the Sensemaking theory is that a couple possesses individual baselines for expectations acts on those baselines and then interprets the behaviors and actions of the other partner thus influencing further behavior and creating a cyclical model These baselines could be constructed together through open communication or they could be unique to each individual due to past experiences preferences and upbringing Alberts Tracy Tretheway 2011 30 This theory also identifies the tendency for behaviors that are performed at a lower threshold meaning earlier than the point of action of one s partner to often become assigned to that individual completing the task making the other partner even less likely to participate over time Alberts Tracy Tretheway 2011 26 These interactions are a form of communication in that the couple in question is constantly acting interpreting and responding in a loop that influences the way that tasks are divided and accomplished within a household ultimately affecting the relationship itself Alberts Tracy Tretheway 2011 28 29

I find this theory to be especially strong because it evaluates an individual s behavior patterns and using empirical data it shows the possible effects on a dyadic relationship due to such behaviors In summary I feel that a combination of Interpretive Hermeneutics and Relational Dialectics Theory are most appropriate and useful for my purposes I strongly agree that our upbringing preconceived notions religious or political background and beliefs and many other outer influences have a profound impact on how we interpret our experiences I also like RDT because I agree that there are many nuances that are created continually adjusted and strengthened through our interactions with others leading to a mutual understanding of a concept that may or may not have been previously established This illustrates that as time passes and things and people change so do our perception and communication of ideas and experiences ultimately affecting our relationships

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