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Introduction to Political Science Essay Political Ideology Politics can be cloudy and hard to understand The news media seems to take issues and push their own agenda s In the end it's even hard to figure out what the real issues are Whether you are Democrat Republican or Independent it seems to be based on a single issue rather than the entirety of our nations concerns and it often feels like a bad drama show For that reason I use to not pay much attention to it However over the last few years I ve come to form a more modern liberal opinion According to ISideWith com I am 72 percent democratic The poll states that the democratic views I side with include transportation the environment healthcare social and education I think everyone should have a fair shot at going to college I think healthcare should be free I think we should be more earth conscientious I think instead of having 30 year old working retail there should be those in college and high school working them I think if you have a higher paying job you should also pay higher taxes I think the economy could be better Were trillions in debt and have millions of people on government assistance I think that if we increased income taxes for those who make more money it would profit everyone 

I am ok with legal immigration However I believe if you came in illegally you should be deported with exceptions If you came in as a child you should be able to stay I don t believe you should be punished for the crimes of you parents I think welfare is good but I do think that there should be regular drug testing on those who receive welfare and other government assistance I think paid maternity paternity and sick leave should be mandatory I think overtime pay should be mandatory I think it's part of the government's job to stimulate the economy I think it's important for the government to create jobs I think the government should be more active in society I think that they do play a pretty active role but not active enough The United States government should be active not in the day to day running of businesses but they should be actively participating and ensuring that we get fair labor cost They should really be incredibly active in making sure that we can sustain out own economy through our own work we just shut down government our military is not getting paid right now because liberal democrats want to take a vote for illegal immigrants to get certain benefits Sanctuary states where they won't export illegal immigrants like 

Chicago crime rates soaring and they won't export I think they deserve it I don t think the fed government should give Chicago aid because they are doing it to themselves Should we give rapists a comfy bed protection and a tv No 3 time rapist murderer who went free in California because if they convicted him in a sanctuary state he would have been deported again and so rather than admit that they should have deported him after the first two times he did a third and the third time he killed someone I think he should have been deported but then he would have just came back in anyway because its a sanctuary state so your allowed to just come back in So I would love to have equality in a liberal sense but there has be parameters around it and it seems like the parameters are often set in the wrong places Its like a pendulum that swings Its a constant swing of back and forth which is why politics actually do count because having the right sort of people with different ideologies and positions keep it in checks and balances So while we don t want to pay attention if we don't then we get too many people that are too far to one side or the other and our country swings in the wrong direction What we would never want to happen is where one political party or the other end up with all the power because then the entire country changes You can become communist like Russia It's our political system while flawed its an amazing and wonderful system in that if we all pay attention we will vote in a combo of ppl that can keep us moving in the right direction Progress not perfection Works Cited Page Roskin M G Cord R L Medeiros J A Jones W S 2017 Political Science An Introduction 14th ed Boston Pearson Higher Education America's most popular voting guide for elections political issues candidates and poll data n d Retrieved January 20 2018 from https www isidewith com

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