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Is Communication unavoidable What is communication People have different meaning about communication What one think of communication is not what another person will thinks Our thinking about this topic is diverse Communication is like a double edged sword where information must be given and information be received Communication has an outward expression releasing ones ideas and an inward expression to receive other people s thoughts Communication is a process of transmitting information from one person group and organization to the other Communication is the imparting conveying or exchange of ideas knowledge information and the like by mean of mechanical or electronic speech writing or signs De Janasz 2006 Communication is defined as A two wayinformationsharing processwhich involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party Business Dictionary 2015 People communicate each and every minute expressing their ideas Communication is very vital in any area of life be it in the working place homes or relationship Imagine what it would be like if people do not communicate Life would be so boring and work would be meaningless Communication is the process by which a person group or organization transmits some type of information to another person group or organizations Is communication unavoidable The answer to this is no Even if we look for other reasons to make communication avoidable the answer would be no

No this is so valuable than communication because it takes place every minute in our daily lives People cannot live for a day without talking People cannot agree without communicating People cannot coexist without communication Whether the communication is verbally non verbal or written it must happen in which ever means It happen when we want it to happen or not Hasson G 2012 It happens even without our notice We always find our selves speaking It is an automatic thing I don t know if you have ever purposed in your life not to talk to anybody but you get yourself talking to everybody You try to fight from communicating with people but no matter what we do we find ourselves communicating There are general reasons why communication cannot be avoided One is that communication happens even when you don t want to communicate You can restrict yourself from doing it but at the end you find that you cannot resist is It is like a charm Secondly communication happens either verbal or non verbal Verbal communication is where information is disseminated through words written or spoken Non verbal communication can involve body language such as body posture gestures and the overall boy movement It can also involve facial expression Thirdly communication is a process that can break down When communication break down many problems arises especially where there is a lot of communication going on Such areas like industries schools offices homes e t c Break down may occur either verbally or non verbally

The following are reasons why communication cannot be avoided Communication improves business relationship This is done when customers receive proper services If a person avoids communicating to the customers he will have himself to blame because customers will no longer be interested in his products Employee will be able to understand their expectations Communication enables the employee know what is expected of them If the employer avoids communication with his employees they will not understand what is expected of them and so their jobs will not be fulfilling and their roles will not be stipulated hence causing conflict in the work place Employers who avoid communicating to his employee do not succeed in their businesses Communication boosts team work When employee communicates with each other there will be an effective team work spirit When targets are communicated employees will concentrate on the target and their goals will be met Team work happens when people communicate When one avoids communication in a team conflict will emerge If communication is avoided it will cause uncertainty and doubt Employees will question their position and values in the company Friends will doubt each other and families will not be certain about their relationships Confidence will be undermined and stress will increase among the staff members They will feel insecure in their roles Where communication is avoided the results would be low productivity unaccomplished tasks and missed deadlines Adair J 2003 Workers may not get down to work if they don t know their role or the goals they are working toward If a HR is not sure of what is expected of him he will waste much of his day doing nothing 

Clear road map must be provided for productivity purposes This can only be done through communication Conclusion There are five purposes of communication They are necessary and cannot be avoided These five includes to learn to relate to help to influence and to play As we think of avoiding communicating let s not thinks of assuming the five purposes of communication As it has been discussed above communication is vital if we would like to have productive results at work place in our relationships in the family and son on Assume the teacher goes to class take a chalk write on the board and keep silent What do you think would happen Or assume a husband talking to his wife but gets no response because the wife has decided not to communicate with the husband Communication will happen no matter what If we try to avoid it the results would be far much reaching and would cause a lot of regrets Communication is not avoidable yesterday today and forever

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