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Introduction Islam similar to any religion is confronting difficulties to develop and change in accordance with advancement and specifically to the monetary and social energy of a prevailing West It has turned out to be typical to watch that the Islamic world and the West show up to be buried in a heightening cycle of political and social clash and that the most critical wellspring of contention is the significantly disrupted nature of American relations with the Muslim Discussion Religion As a monotheistic religion Islam portrays itself as the rest of the three amazing Abrahamic certainty traditions The Qur ʾ ān and ḥ adīth the two definitive wellsprings of Islam and the later scholarly traditions reveal an extreme cognizance of Judaism and Christianity Hashemi 2014 The two sources contain different references to Jewish and Christian subjects calling upon Jews and Christians to participate in a generous monotheism against Meccan polytheism and its fiendishness Normally acquainted with a multi religious and multicultural condition early Muslims were in contact with the distinctive Jewish and Christian social order of the East in the eighth and ninth many years 

The social relations amongst Islam and the West took a definitely new turn when Europe emerged as the prevailing and unchallenged power of the innovative period From governmental issues and instruction to science and craftsmanship present day European culture changed Islam West relations for the last time Lotfipour Rangriz and Sadeghi 2015 Joining a Judeo Christian past with a mainstream present Western culture has made a break between Westernized elites and customary groups in the Muslim world The best wellspring of potential and real religious clash today is the loaded connection between the once in the past Christian West and the Islamic world There is a colossal abyss of misconception between them with issues on the two sides An unreasonable dread of Islam is developing in parts of Europe and the USA Savage jihadist assaults for example 9 11 are obviously halfway to fault Be that as it may disdain of Islam has profound roots in European culture coming from the principal contacts amongst Islam and Christianity when the Muslim world spoke to advance Islam is viewed as fierce and bigoted supporting numbness restricted to the advanced world Religions fret about otherworldly issues which are famously difficult to portray Symbols are otherworldly pictures In any case delineating something immaculate utilizing defective means can even qualify as a type of lewdness in many beliefs A few people crush the pictures 

That is iconoclasm Different religions maintain a strategic distance from human pictures altogether for dynamic thoughts of God These are aniconic religions Islam is aniconic Terrorism While terrorism even as suicide assaults isn t an islamic marvel by definition it can t be overlooked that the lion s offer of fear monger acts and the most destroying of them in later a long time have been executed for the sake of islam This actually has begun an essential reasonable exchange both in the west and in the muslim world regarding the association between these shows and the lessons of islam Hegghammer and Nesser 2015 Most western specialists are hesitant to recognize such acts with the true blue lessons of one of the world s mind boggling religions and get a kick out of the chance to consider them to be a debasement of a religion that is fundamentally peace revering and tolerant Western pioneers for instance George W Bramble and Tony Blair have underscored time besides again that the war against fear mongering has nothing to do with Islam It is a war against terrible Korstanje 2017 Conclusion The non Islamic etiologies of this wonder incorporate political causes social causes like estrangement and destitution While no open figure in the West would preclude the basic from securing battling the war against psychological oppression it is similarly politically right to include the addition that for the war to be won these legitimized grievances relating to the underlying drivers of psychological oppression ought to be tended to 

A doubter may take note of that numerous social orders can put claim to comparable grievances however have not brought forth religious based philosophies that legitimize down to business psychological oppression By the by a translation which places the fault for psychological oppression on religious and social attributes risks being marked as intolerant and Islamophobic References Hashemi N 2014 Rethinking religion and political legitimacy across the Islam West divide Philosophy Social Criticism 40 4 5 pp 439 447 Hegghammer T and Nesser P 2015 Assessing the Islamic State s commitment to attacking the West Perspectives on Terrorism 9 4 Korstanje M E 2017 Terrorism Tourism and the End of Hospitality in the West Springer Lotfipour S Rangriz H and Sadeghi M 2015 A Comparative Study of Management in Islam and the West in the Area of Management Process A Case Study of Academic and Seminary Experts in Kermanshah

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