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How does a specific style of dance affect a dancers heart Rate

Abstract Application The student can apply this experiment to real life by using it to test a dancer's heart rate if he or she is not in great condition The student can use this experiment in real life by using it to see if a dancer can handle the energy needed for the routine Data and Observations Normal 80 bpm Contemporary 93 bpm Jazz 105 bpm Hip Hop 96 bpm Mrs Lopez Bella Lyon March 13 2014 Science P 3 How Dance Affects One's Heart Rate The reason the student exhibitor is performing this experiment is to find out what styles of dance affect her heart rate As a dancer the exhibitor is interested in knowing which specific styles of dance affect her heart rate to fluctuate more or less This experiment will allow the exhibitor to understand how her body reacts to contemporary jazz as well as hip hop styles of dance Purpose The exhibitor of this experiment who is also the researcher studied the needed information to analyze the effects of specific styles of dance on a dancer's heart rate The exhibitor was able to determine if certain styles of dance required more energy from the performer or less By studying heart rate before and after performance data was collected to determine that the higher energy of the dance the heart rate was calculated after the routine was performed Jazz contemporary and hip hop styles of choreography were performed At the start of each performance the exhibitor and dancer s heart was measured

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Most Americans carry a cell phone with them at all Times

Little do they know that they are constantly transmitting information about their whereabouts to their phone service provider In November the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Carpenter v United States a case that will determine whether the Fourth Amendment allows the Government to access an individual s cell phone location records without a warrant This case began with the arrest of Timothy Carpenter who orchestrated a number of robberies in Ohio and Michigan Based on information from Carpenter s co conspirators the Government obtained a court order not a warrant requiring Carpenter s cell phone carrier to provide 127 days of location records for Carpenter s account These records provided the location of the cell phone towers with which Carpenter s cell phone connected at the time he made calls Relying on these records the Government determined that Carpenter s cell phone connected with towers in the vicinity of several of the robberies at approximately the same time as those robberies Given that cell phones connect with the tower to which they are closest at the time of the call this was compelling evidence in the Government's prosecution Prior to trial Carpenter unsuccessfully moved to suppress the Government's use of his cell phone location records under the Fourth Amendment A jury convicted Carpenter on numerous counts of the Hobbs Act and firearms charges 

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