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I interviewed the IT technical office manager at a local University that I attended for my bachelor s degree He was willing to help spread the news about the importance of company Internet policies and the damage it can do not only to the individual but maybe even the corporation company or organization He began with an opening statement by saying One of the major internet policies we have is that you are not allowed to use the campus internet to illegally torrent software This is also known as illegally downloading copyrighted materials or piracy not only software but other things to gain a profit like music cd's burning and selling or books that don't allow an individual to have access to download the material it's a copyright infringement He proceeded to allocate that this applies to students faculty and staff Although it doesn't happen very often when it does this is how it's handled First they find out about the incident when a company sends them a letter saying that someone on their network pirated a copy or download their copyrighted content or materials illegally They then proceed to use the information given to them in the letter to find out whose account it belongs too and then instantly shut down that account When the account is shut down the offender has no access to the campus internet If the offender wants to reactivate their account they must follow the following steps 

First they must bring in the machine that did the illegal torrenting on to the campus for inspection by the technical office to make sure that the offending files were removed Secondly depending on who was the offending party determines where they are sent next If they are a student they must go to speak with student judicial According to academic integrity the office of students and judicial affairs support the University's educational mission by upholding standards of academic honesty and responsible behavior promoting student development and by assisting students in need Also the Judicial Officer is responsible for assisting in the day to day operations of the student Judicial system The incident is then put on their record Another is if it is a faculty or staff member They must talk with both HR and campus network security Although he didn't have an answer or comment about those situations he did say that he has not come across anyone of faculty or staff members violating these policies However I would think it would be a much larger deal and carry an even stiffer more severe punishment 

That would seem to be only necessary if not ordinary protocol and likely to otherwise set the standards of honesty and academic integrity for everyone Finally moving on to the offender that has completed all steps necessary pending the University s outcome or verdict by campus officials Then IT can turn their account back on or leave it closed for good Denying them access to the campus internet Now if you re a student that would be catastrophic to your educational goals having no access to emails from your professors or peers Access to the campus library for research scholarly journals or any of the other opportunities that come along with the benefits of using the University's internet service and access offers students For faculty and staff that could possibly be the end of a career or job Which could make getting another position with another organization a little difficult Furthermore it s important that the students faculty and staff follow the internet policies that they have in place If they didn't have this policy it would open the University up to lawsuits and potentially get dropped by their internet service provider Please understand that the internet is a key communication component of higher education these days so they have these policies in place so that the University can continue to offer students faculty and staff a high quality internet service to benefit everyone on campus Another internet misuse is logging on your own social media for personal use on company time or using their equipment 

We all know that sometimes it's relevant to your position or job duties but personal use of your own social media is not a normal duty or job description try to be mindful of your work duties and respect the work environment Personally I can talk about incidents from twenty plus years ago when I was a manager supervisor of a machine shop About company theft of both material and time on more than one occasion I had to give written reprimands and have the individual s sign it and proceed by giving them a copy and put one in the company file for that employee Using the company's equipment machines materials and on company time No matter how you look at it it's stealing from the company which costs the company in revenue I've also caught people stealing items or belongings including but not limited to another person s food or drink from the employee s break room or refrigerator Final thought by the time you ve entered the University level for higher educational purposes or the workforce you should have learned all about academic honesty and integrity not to mention right from wrong Furthermore if you still insist on illegally torrenting don't use anyone's internet but your own Don't steal from the organization or from another person Don't jeopardize other s rights for your wrongs be held accountable for your own actions without affecting others with your consequences

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