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Introduction It's all about father and son A father who friendly his son and makes him a good man in this society He teaches many fathers about fatherhood and their responsibilities This film shows about friendship education infatuation love and family sentiments This is another film which tears the face of the educational system APPA movie is treat to many children lesson for parents Dhayalan Singaperumal both work as Engineers in Neyveli Lignite Corporation Dhayalan wishes to nurture and encourage his son Vetrieswaran s skills and talents meanwhile Singaperumal makes his son Chakravarthy Singaperumal only focus on his school studies and nothing else Mayil Nandhini Bhanu are friends with both of them All of them sit for their 10th std exam in which Chakravarthy and Bhanu rank as State toppers Singaperumal admits his son in a Residential School where they focus mainly on academics but Chakravarthy dislikes that School and he feels tortured Vetri and his friends then hatch a plan to meet him in his hostel where visiting permission is denied bluntly 

They then smuggle Chakravarthy out of his hostel to show him a good day out filled with fun and excitement The Hostel warden punishes him severely for his actions and he dies as a result The school authorities cover up the whole incident Dhayalan exposes the school by lodging an official police complaint However Singaperumal loses his son merely due to the pressures of obtaining a perfect education 2 0 Review Recently I had watched a father and son love based movie that is called Appa Once i finished watch the movie i wish to get a father like the hero of this movie Because he played such a wonderful father character Samuthirakani's Appa contains a scene in which Dayalan played by Samuthirakani himself facilitates for his son a cup of coffee kind of meeting with a girl from school It's not exactly a date though The teenager is confused by his feelings towards this girl perhaps with regard to all girls He says he could hear the pounding of his heart and he goes tongue tied Dayalan understands that part of this is the unfamiliar feeling of attraction to the opposite sex but another part is simply unfamiliarity with the opposite sex So he asks his son to bring the girl home He serves them coffee He makes them talk They lose their inhibitions and become friends Later Dayalan tells his son that it s important to be at ease with the opposite sex not fear them not fetishise them otherwise you may grow up to be the kind of man who when faced with a woman whips out a bottle of acid or a knife In light of what just happened at the Nungambakkam train station a chill ran down my spine In future i too would like get a father like samuthirakani 

Take the scene where Dayalan s son goes missing After the boy is found wouldn t Dayalan ask where the boy was or what happened The film follows many threads and none are satisfactorily explored Dayalan s son is first a swimmer Then he says he wants to study history We never get into the boy's head so we don't see these as decisions They're just data A cartoonish Thambi Ramaiah plays the anti Dayalan a father who wants to control every aspect of his son's life The boy ends up in a residential school where students are punished by being stripped and thrashed A suspension notice would be too mild for this movie All of which is to say that I agree with the things Samuthirakani wants to say in his films I even admire them These things need to be said As for me the director and the writer have done a really very good job by writing and direct the movie with a wonderful and a story with moral value 3 0 Conclusion i will recommend this movie to all the parent because samuthirakani's appa carries a lot of appreciable relevant and much needed message for the society about parenting or should be say fathering the present education system need to shift focus on other talents of children and not see them as mere mark scoring machine The film also aptly raises and alarm against over emphasis on scoring high marks growing demand for private schools and certain boarding schools who are given free hand to make student to score good marks in exam I rolled my eyes but the people around me clapped every time a moral instruction erupted from Dayalan s lips Clearly there s still an audience that after a century of cinema is only interested in what is being said not how only content not form That may be this film s biggest message

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