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IV Administrative leadership It is a subjective control which depends on the charisma character and motivation expressed by the command it largely depends on meritorious and professional appointments at the top In internal control mechanisms political executive elected Heads Government through ministers control the permanent executive bureaucracy through following systems i Recruitment and promotion system Transparent and merit based recruitments training and career planning systems through designated agencies are to be devised in which removal procedures and disciplinary laws too are provided ii Executive legislation Rules and policies are made by the ministries Policies are formulated to make departments run smoothly and discharge their functions in the most efficient way These should address the requirements of the time and invariably are required to be periodically revisited and reformed iii Professional advisory Agencies These are quintessential to support the system such bodies carry out research work for efficient and effective systems and render their advice to the policy makers iv Budgetary allocations Budgetary controls are used to maintain efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and provide value against the money spent v Staff Agencies Various cabinet committees are formed to oversee and account for the working of departments e g public accounts committee or any committee made on a special subject vi Codes of conduct To maintain the neutrality of the bureaucracy rules are laid to set a standard of ethical and official behaviors and incidents of misconduct and deviance are punished vii Specialized Agencies

To keep working standard and check transgressions by the department oversight bodies and complaints redressal forums are established Office of the ombudsman or inspectorate of constabulary in UK are such examples Bureaucracy and officials of any department tend to become self existing self promoting and group organizations instead of impartially serving the public cause This tendency causes greatest failure of the mandate and always need seriousness in treatment The most reliable way to treat is by making closest relationship of the of the service with the general public This can be achieved through delegation of powers particularly in local affairs to the local representatives The more an affair is dealt centrally the more there would be chances for development of strong pressure groups and mafias to which departments routinely succumb How administration should be devolved depends on the peculiar conditions of different countries FAILURES OF ACCOUNTABILITY JS Mill argues famously that responsibility is null and void when nobody knows who is responsible 5 i Unclear responsibility In Pakistan functions should be clearly aligned without vagueness Let the work done and run approach is hallmark of day to day business in Pakistani culture Ministers and bureaucrats as parallel power drivers informally dictate a lot and are obeyed a lot 

There is an emergency need to constitutionally safeguard the line of clear responsibility ii Poor follow up At policy as well as at executive level projects and policies are not institutionally made and owned These are personally made and subsequently highly disregarded There is a need to make policies after open wide scale consultations and in the interest of the country only iii Mercurious appreciations Hardly good and bad performances are judiciously rewarded At times it goes for likings and disliking and at other above or below the requisite scale Therefore success and failure becomes nearly equal for the individuals This trend breeds uncertainty of behaviours and faithlessness in the system iv Management behaviour Lack of interest professionalism and professional priorities in best interest of the service at top level cause huge accountability failure Managers not ready to sacrifice personal benefits against organizational trigger poor and corrupt administration Result is impossibility of accountability Instances of accountability in such an environment would most probably be individual and impermanent 

Accepting intercessions of influentials against merit to keep favourable personal interests intact is a routine in senior cadres in Pakistan v Flawed structures laws policies and strategies any measure which is introduced without discreet analysis of the ailment to which it addresses objectives which it intends to attain open and transparent deliberations with stakeholders consultations with professionals and rational cost benefit analysis certainty loses legitimacy and acceptability in general cliental public Many police related laws policy decisions strategies are made by civil bureaucracy in Pakistan in pure favour of the interests of a few Like UK all laws rules and policies should be drafted and advised by professional forums consulted with stakeholders and debated freely before being codified vi Compromising the policy Once laws policies and codes are formulated these must be sacrificially cared of No deviation relaxation non observance should be tolerated Any amendment should be allowed only for removal of true difficulties or as an adaptation to the changing requirements in interest of justice and equity In cause effect relationship if effect is not as expected the reason would be lack of accountability When people and systems are held accountable things go good Practice of accountability results in building its evasion breeds destruction 6

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