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Minimalism is an art movement began in 1960s

Minimalism is an art movement began in 1960s and first introduced as an American visual art often combined with an abstract expressionism However the minimalism of Japan is popularly practiced as a way of living in simplicity Most of Japanese attribute minimalism to the philosophy instructed as a religious tradition practiced in association with Buddhism The power of Buddhism has influence the way how Japanese live their lives of constant simplicity as a way of life That is nothing really useless until its non existent at all Everything has its use and fit Japanese graphic design is no exception it is an underlying cultural driver that makes it so distinct Japanese graphic design without any unnecessary embellishment it s always simple but at the same time it s exquisite and elegant as well It expresses the care respect and efficiency in everyday life Shinto and Buddhism are the main religions of Japan In 6th century Shinto and Buddhism brought to the country from China and Korea These religions coexist in perfect harmony even complimenting each other The fact that Japan is an island has also contributed to the way in which visual ideas have developed there They need to manage it well because the limited space the Shinto and Buddhist love of nature are harnessed 

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