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Korea's economy is full of good minerals

I am from Korea Korea's economy is full of good minerals our country's most important minerals are gold iron ore coal tungsten and graphite South Korea has only 10 of the peninsula s rich coal and iron deposits my country also produce zinc copper uranium manganese gold silver and tungsten The Columbia Encyclopedia 6th ed Copyright the Columbia University Press 2018 The trading to other countries also helps The average tariff rate is 5 2 percent 2017 index of economy freedom South Korea s economy is at a crossroads Even though we have relatively well maintained macroeconomic stability and openness to global commerce the economy has been flagging with power for growth For years North Korea has been one of the world s most secretive societies It is one of the only countries left that still is under nominally communist rule In 1948 the country had chaos following the end of the Second World War Its history is dominated by its Great Leader Kim Il sung who shaped political affairs for almost half a century Because of its rigid state controlled system have led to stagnation and a leadership dependent on the cult of personality Which leave the country with systematic human rights abuses BBC News 2018 South Korea has developed into one of Asia s most affluent countries since partition in 1948 

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