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TaintDroid An Information-Flow Tracking System

Summary of TaintDroid An Information Flow Tracking System for Realtime Privacy Monitoring on Smartphones Saman Saman Paderborn University Abstract The following paper deals in determining adequate control and visibility to the user s when their private sensitive information leaves the phone with the help of TaintDroid TaintDroid is a analysis system and dynamic taint tracking which is capable of tracking the ow of private sensitive data through third party applications TaintDroid can be used for Android platform 30 popular third party Android applications were monitored where 20 applications were found to misuse user's personal information 1 Dalvik VM Interpreter The downloaded third party application is not to be trusted is automatically assumed by TaintDroid and it checks how these applications use the users s private data The android applications are written in JAVA but are compiled in special machine bytecode language called DEX which executes in Dalvik VM interpreter The TaintDroid uses the modi ed Dalvik VM interpreter which stores and propagates taint tags on variables Taint Tag is a set of taint markings that contain location microphone etc and different phone identi ers Taint tags are stored adjacent to variables in the memory 

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