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Plant growth is a reflection of utilization of the available resources by the crop

Plant growth is a reflection of utilization of the available resources by the crop The shoot height for the drip irrigation was greater than the surface irrigation treatments Among the drip irrigation growth of rice 98 98 cm recorded significantly higher in DSR with drip irrigation at 20 CPE on 1 day gap followed by 30 CPE on 2 day gap 96 60 cm This indicates higher frequency of irrigation and increased availability of soil moisture under drip irrigation proved higher shoot height of rice In drip irrigation water is provided most efficiently at right time and practically near the root zone of the crop This led to drip irrigation had resulted in more root growth than control plot In the present investigation higher root length was observed in drip irrigation with increasing the irrigation gap indicates root is growing deeper to absorb the water from soil layer when irrigation water not often supplied In general less traffic run with DSR into the field improves the soil aggregation and reduces the compactness of the soil had resulted higher root growth Therefore DSR might have favored the root growth Castillo et al 1998 stated that the roots of direct seeded rice tend to be deeper finer and more extensive as a result these crops consistently perform better under drought condition 

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