Essay Example on Job commitment is feeling or energy that an employee has to do work









Job commitment is feeling or energy that an employee has to do work or how passionate are workers with their work or committed with their work in order to achieve their organizational goal It is a kind of energy that is related with positivity And it is also related with the job satisfaction It has large aspect of study and to create link between job satisfaction and job commitment Job satisfaction is how individual perceive about his job means an employee s likes his job or not it is a attitude toward a work that employee like the task in his given work or not 2 2 Job satisfaction Peter lok and john Crawford 2003 study that there is huge impact organizational culture on organizational commitment and also the leadership style have also impact on job satisfaction and organizational commitment There are many variables that can be major determinant of organizational performance Also when feel dissatisfied they productivity level will also decreases Robert j Vandenberg and Charles eolance 2001 study about job satisfaction and job commitment and he mainly analyze the four models of job satisfaction and commitment in which he established connection job satisfaction cause organizational commitment 

Organizational commitment causes job satisfactions thirdly both are interrelated and fourth is there are not affected by each other Norizan Islam 2012 find that high job performance the positive work attitude high level of motivation causes less turnover and also the absenteeism Luthan 1998 find in his studies the three main that job satisfaction is typical behavior to job response or it is a kind of behavior exhibit by employ second is that the output of job satisfaction is determined by individual expectations Third is that job satisfaction exhibit different attitudes that is the most important element in the job So overall there is a proper and complete interrelation between job satisfaction and organizational commitment Carmeli and Freud 2004 have found in their research that job satisfaction worked as a mediator in relationship between work commitment and job performance They also suggested that there is a strong interrelationship between work commitment job satisfaction and job commitment Che rose Kumar and Pak 2009 have concluded in their research that organizational learning has a very positive influence on job satisfaction and work commitment They also state that organizational commitment and job satisfaction are highly positively related with work performance 

And both of these variables are mediator between organizational learning and work performance Malik Nawab Naeem and Danish 2010 have inferred that salary co workers and opportunities for promotion have a very positive influence on organizational commitment Yucel 2012 has conduct a research in company which conclude that job satisfaction is the main reason for effective organizational commitment and high level of job satisfaction lower turnover intention cause high commitment Locke 1969 searched that the manager response toward employees can also create harmony between employees and management the way manager react to situation of an employee s matter the most of the time Yousef 1999 found that employee affective and behavioral attitudes cause working condition which varies job satisfaction Moynihan and Pandey 2007 have studied about the work motivation influence over job satisfaction and also found that job routineness and group culture support work motivation which help to improve job satisfaction Lum Kervin Clark Reid Sirola 1998 have researched that job satisfaction has an indirect impact in turnover in an organization where as organizational commitment has a direct impact in turnover of employees 

The employee commitment level determine the most in order to overview the productivity of employees Silverthorne 2004 has studied that organizational culture person organization are important to organization success And these factors have an impact on job satisfaction and job commitment Chawla and Gudha 2010 have studied about the individual spirituality at work and inferred that individual spirituality is also related positively with job satisfaction and commitment Malik Nawab Naeem 2010 concluded from their research that pay satisfaction had a huge impact on organizational commitment which improve the chances of promotion in an organization Lum Kervin Clark and Sirola 1998 suggested that job satisfaction has indirect impact on quitting from job and organizational commitment has direct impact on the intention of quitting job Yousef 1998 studied organizational commitment as mediator in job satisfaction and job performance in multiculturalism and he also find in their research that participative leadership results high job satisfaction Foote and Tang 2008 have found team commitment as a mediator and researched that relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment become stronger when team commitment becomes high also 2 3 job satisfaction This research is basically about that how job satisfaction causes job commitment or how the individual satisfaction causes a worker or employee to stay motivated and create a strong bond with his organization in order to achieve goal and increases more productivity And that productivity also provides a positive From above study we can conclude in a research that leadership style salary manager behavior and organizational culture cause high job satisfaction which led to high job commitment level Their attachment with the organization automatically increases when all of the above factors reinforce positively

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