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Will Trump's America First Message Steal the Davos Stage?

Will Trump's America First Message Steal the Davos Stage Creating a shared future in a fractured world is the theme for this year's World Economic Forum at Davos How will Donald Trump's agenda fit within this theme What will the impact of Trump's presence have on the global elite What a difference a year makes In 2017 President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China and the General Secretary of the Communist Party was making a speech at Davos on the benefits of globalization and free trade Serendipitously at almost the same time Trump's inauguration speech as the 45th president of the United States introduced his America First doctrine with an unmistakable anti trade tone Davos 2017 Highlights President Xi was the headliner at Davos 2017 with a clear message that China's development is an opportunity for the world The vacuum created by the US and UK rejection of globalism was eagerly filled by China and was considered the country s debut as a global leader In addition to Xi a hand full of senior Chinese government figures and dozens of corporate and government officials also attended Davos for the first time 

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