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Jurisdiction is literally the authority or the power of a court or official organization to make decisions and judgments The idea of jurisdiction relates to which court has the power to uphold equity in a specific issue and to the extent of those courts power Moreover Jurisdiction is vast and it plays a very important role in our judicial system A court must have jurisdiction with a specific objective to hear a case and render a compelling judgment In shorter words jurisdiction has the power of a court to hear and determine any cases Jurisdiction can be seen in many branches of law such as contract law criminal law civil law and cyber law Anything associated internet crimes falls under the cyber law and there are jurisdictions issues for cyber crimes One of the plus points of the Internet over different communication for correspondence and business is that it empowers access to a more extensive even an around the world In addition at the point when the Internet first went commercial and ended up sufficiently moderate and simple to access for common individuals Since the internet or the development of computer and IT are emerging in these modern era many information are being abused without the consent of the owner itself and this constitutes to a cyber crime 

Cyber crime is a serious offence because it breaches the legislation and those activities can cause injury damages loss and humiliation to the victim Those who commit those crimes with the intention should be punishable under the enforced cyber laws The most common crimes related to the field of IT are unauthorised access to computer phishing spamming forgery piracy ecommerce fraud blackmail and online defamation Moreover cyber crimes can come to more serious offences like grooming of children through child pornography online bulling of students in school pornography which leads to harassment committing fraudulent activities through online transactions and altering or deleting personal data of a person Since there are many kinds of cyber crimes emerging and its occurring out of control cyber laws are enforced to regulate crimes associated with the internet or computer These laws are the jurisdiction made by the court to control the behaviour of the public Most importantly public should be adhered to these kind of legislation so that they are aware of the consequences which are the punishments of committing any of the crimes However even having laws there are jurisdictional issues on determining which jurisdiction should exist would come into surface if a cybercrime occur due to lack of physical boundaries in the internet Realising about the absence of physical boundaries on the web is it conceivable to connect past the court s geographic boundaries to pull a defendant into its court for conduct in 

The internet Issues of this have added to the entire confusion and logical inconsistencies that torment legal choices in the territory of web Since the internet has no land limits it builds up quick long-distance communications with any individual who can come within reach of any site Commonly a web client has no method for knowing precisely where the data on a website is being obtained from Here in cyberspace issues are of critical significance As Internet does not be likely to make geographical and jurisdictional limits clear Internet clients stay in physical jurisdictions and are liable to laws free of their essence on the Internet In this manner any sort of use of the World Wide Web and any related exercises on the web may open the individual to danger of being sued in any state or nation where another web client may build up a claim The individuals who support the last view frequently feel that government should leave the Internet people group to self manage The laws of a country may have supplementary regional impact extending the sovereign and regional breaking points of that country 

Nevertheless this is especially complicated as the medium of the Internet does not expressly regional confinements An instance would be the places the substance of a site are lawful in one nation and illicit in another In the absence of a uniform jurisdictional code legitimate professionals are by and large left with a contention of law issue However Laws vary from state to state and country to country A demonstration that is unlawful in one area may not be illegal in another As the development of it improves PC crime scene investigation or also known as computer forensics has made some incredible progress and there are accessible to agents that enable them to inspect computerized confirm without altering it Organized crime scene investigation analysts can safeguard information for introduction in court and significantly recoup erased information and the lawful framework is developing and new techniques being embraced to manage the uncommon difficulties displayed by the idea of computerized confirm In conclusion jurisdictional issues still present a examination especially when the criminal is in another nation however an ever-growing number of administrative elements perceive the damage that the internet wrongdoing does to their subjects and are cooperating

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