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Saint Hildegard known as Hildegard of Bingen Sibyl of the Rhine

Saint Hildegard known as Hildegard of Bingen Sibyl of the Rhine and Hildegard von Bingen was born on September 16 1098 and died just a day after her birthday on the 17th of 1179 She was a remarkable woman and produced major works of theology and visionary writings During the Medieval period only a handful of women were presented with respect but she was call upon and advised by bishops popes and kings Hildegard used the therapeutic powers of natural items for healing and wrote treatises about natural antiquity and medicinal uses of plants animals trees and stones She was actually the first songwriter whose biography is notorious Hildegard was born a tithe and had noble parents As a traditional with the tenth child which the family could not afford to feed she was committed at birth to the church The young girl started to have weird visions of scintillating objects at the age of three but soon realized she was remarkable in this expertise and hid this endowment for multiple years She was educated at the Benedictine cloister of Disibodenberg At the age of eight years old the family sent this strange girl to an anchoress and sister of the count of Spanheim named Jutta to receive a religious education Jutta was born into a prosperous and distinguished family and by all accounts was a young woman of great elegance 

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One of the current practices is the use of thermal insulation in Walls

One of the current practices is the use of thermal insulation in walls floors and ceilings Due to Dubai s hot and humid climate insulation is necessary in reducing the heat exchange between outer and inner environments and condensation formation Taleb 2014 The UAE s climate zone classification scheme listed by the Dubai Municipality dictates buildings envelope requirements such as minimum insulation maximum U value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Taleb 2014 In order to achieve better thermal performance and reduce energy demand for cooling it is mandatory to use insulation materials such as fiber glass mineral wool polystyrene or polyurethane foam Another current practice is the use of double glazed windows with air filled between the cavities A double glazing window shown in Figure 8 in the appendix is composed of two glass panes that are separated by a spacer bar and seal creating a hermetically sealed environment Aboulnaga 2006 The unit s final energy solar and acoustic insulation levels are dependent on cavity width of the space between the two panes as well as the spacer bar quality and material Air filled cavities are a convenient option due to low cost and adequate levels of energy efficiency and noise cancellation However they are not that efficient and have a U value of 2 8 W m²K Meaning that 2 8 watts will be transmitted every square meter for every degree in temperature difference between the outside and inside of the window Tibi Mokhtar 2014 Moreover in air filled units efficiency decreases with time due to rust and cessation formation from oxygen that plays a toll on metal parts Another current practice is the use of high color coatings with high reflection 

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