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Katharine Hepburn became one of Hollywood's biggest stars of the 1900 s but she never intended to Katharine was always a brave and rebellious soul She was known for her spontaneous roles and her quirky personality Although of course she had to overcome things on her journey She had a steady childhood until something of the unexpected happened leading to her fame Katharine was born on May 12 1907 in Hartford Connecticut She had five siblings and her mother and father Thomas Hepburn and Katharine Martha For work her father was a urologist at Hartford Hospital and her mother was a feminist campaigner She had a very normal childhood until one day in 1921 as she went upstairs to get her brother she witnessed the unbelievable She saw her 15 year old brother Tom Hepburn take his own life This tragedy affected Katharine in so many ways After she went back to school she found herself frustrated and it was harder to concentrate At the time she was attending Bryn Mawr College and was in the class of 1928

After she graduated she began to fall in love with theatre and she spent the next years acting in plays in and around New York appearing in plays on and off Broadway Then RKO Radio Pictures talent scout spotted her in a Broadway performance and offered her an audition for a role in A Bill of Divorcement Hepburn got the role and it became a huge hit and helped hepburn s movie career take off The following year she won the first of her four Academy Awards for her roles in Morning Glory Soon after her performance as Jo in Little Women won her great acclaim and Hepburn became known throughout the world as a A List movie star Over time though in spite of Katharine Hepburn s huge acting talent and range Hollywood began to doubt her unconventional attitude and strong personality She refused to play the traditional offscreen role of the Hollywood starlet choosing not to wear makeup at all times give interviews or bask in the glow of media attention Though Hepburn made a series of popular comedies in the late 1930s she also appeared in a handful of flops and producers began to label her box office poison knowing better Hepburn ended her contract at RKO and returned to the stage Back on Broadway Hepburn appeared as

Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story which was another huge hit Playwright written the role mainly having hepburn in mind Hepburn bought the motion picture rights to the story and went back to Hollywood where she sold them to MGM on the condition that she would star in the film With this move she gained back her film career and her mass appeal The 1940 film starring Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart alongside Hepburn earned multiple Academy Award nominations In her next few films she worked with actor Spencer Tracy One of the nine films they co Starred in was Woman of the Year in 1942 The pair ended up falling for eachother and later on tracy became ill but Hepburn put her career on hold for five years beginning in 1962 to nurse Tracy through the illness that would eventually take his life in 1967 just days after they completed their last film together Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Hepburn won another Oscar for her role in the film but always viewed it more as the Academy's tribute to her lost love Over the course of her long and prolific career she made dozens of films and a stunning twelve Academy Award nominations winning four Her most popular films of all time were The Philadelphia Story 1940

The African Queen 1951 Long Day's Journey Into Night 1962 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1967 The Lion in Winter 1968 and On Golden Pond 1981 In the 1990s Katharine Hepburn developed a progressive neurological disease but this did not prevent her from keeping up an active lifestyle in her Connecticut hometown and even from acting in select roles Her last Hollywood film credit came in 1994 Katharine Hepburn died on June 29 2003 at the age of 96 in the same house in which she had grown up in Over the course of katherines life she had won 4 academy awards starred in over 50 films and was a leading actor in hollywood for more than sixty years Although katarine was a actor she also stood out from the others she wasn t your typical star at a time when female movie stars were expected to be feminine and glamourise katharine stood out her fierce independents and athletic abilities were unique Just because katharine was a woman she didn't let others take over her career for her she took action and control She also wrote her own autobiography in 1991 titled Me stories of my life at the age of 84 Katharine lived by her own rules and didn t let anyone else takeover After all she said If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun

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