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Cyberterrorism is Becoming a Global Issue

SECURITY ENHANCEMENT PROCEDURES OF CIVIL AVIATION ATTACKS JUDEA MARIE C EGAY XII Maxwell Agusan National High School Senior HS Department Cyberterrorism is becoming a global issue nowadays and there are boundless approaches to attack an aviation transport system s integrity and uprightness thinking about its increased reliance on data and communication technology Lowther Farrell 2012 Computers are now used for compromising the safety and security of civil aviation and even transforming the aircraft into protection weapons Even though the industry of aviation develops in a wide margin with its advancement improvements and innovations in the aviation design technology and effectiveness all its fragility remains a threat to cybersecurity Such reliance coordinated towards decreasing human interference and mistakes may risk the safety security and proficiency of the aircraft The trouble Mueller Stewart 2011 as well in relegating obligations brisk assault time inexpensiveness constrained counter assault instruments and the anonymity are few of the contributing elements that make cyberterrorism attacks for aviation industry partners and also their recipients hard to trace In aviation Schober 2012 there are numerous points of assault or attack for cyberterrorists oppressors and hackers or programmers from the manufacture of the aviation transportation system and its gears or equipment to any phase of their operation Cyberterrorism uses different procedures to deal with plans and develop hardware and software Goppert et al 2014 that are being utilized as a part of the air terminals and in aviation control system also it can possibly bring harm to individuals Its methods are useful to cyber terrorists as it is more secure and could actually target businesses engaged in the development of the aircraft and segments whether utilized for civil or military purposes

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Fast Food, Homeless and Nutritional Problems

Homeless people are in very vulnerable desperate situations which forces them to sacrifice necessities Generally most of them cannot afford or access proper medical care and this can worsen their situation and ultimately lead to death The homeless population is more susceptible to health problems due to poor diet sexual health and lack of access to medications caused by their environment and low standard of living Although homeless people need to buy food to survive they have a limited budget to work with which results in numerous health issues caused by their restricted diet Fast food and canned food is less expensive than fresh produce which causes up to half of homeless youth are obese Malzone In addition to little physical activity children with poor diets can have more severe complications later in life like heart failure and diabetes that originated from their poverty The least expensive foods are the ones high in fat but lack nutrients essential to life Due to the fact that they do not have the money to buy healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables homeless people are often malnourished Malnutrition can lead to other health complications when the body cannot get the necessary amounts of proteins carbohydrates and vitamins These nutritional problems stem from the simple truth that the homeless do not have the funds or ability to properly feed themselves in a way that improves their health and well being

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