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Governance Transformation limitations and a Proposition

Governance Transformation limitations and a proposition to bring back state as a central concept Introduction The concept or the term governance has become ubiquitous in almost every sphere of socio political arena It has pervaded not only from political science to business studies it has even become an intrinsic part of everyday discourse Yet the term doesn t have a single universally accepted definition Albeit the genesis of the term lies in the academia it has become a common verbiage of the politicians managers national and international organizations Some understood it as a prelude of the status quo to some it lies in participation and some perceive it as a technique of management With the transformation of the concept of governance over time the state somewhat have been pushed away from the central element of governance a limitation that must be explored Some crucial elements of governance such as the capacity of the state and power relation within the society have been neglected The objective of this essay is to try to trails and explores the transformation of the concept of governance and reexamines various elements This essay argues that the state capacity should be subsumed as a central constituent while conceptualize governance 

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