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Thelle Basalisco 2013 examined the benefits of using Broadband Unbundling

Thelle Basalisco 2013 examined the benefits of using Broadband Unbundling in the US today which was used by EU a long time before Unbundling refers to provide local asses loop to rival companies The FCC and U S court has denied this issue in 2003 and adopted narrowband unbundling This allows U S and EU adopting a different broadband policy where former focused on infrastructure based competition and EU on service based competition through broadband unbundling This paper mainly determined whether the Unbundling was reliable for the U S as compared to EU in the present context The EU regulators focused on facilitating the rival companies with incumbent s companies local access without developing and investing in new technology which makes difficult for incumbent companies and new entrants to change their mind of shifting from copper to fiber based since the regulation is such that new entrants or the competitors will be available access to any assets of fixed telecom incumbents This sort of unbundling and regulation has made impacts on investors to enhance or shift to fiber based for NGA infrastructure and low motivation in investment and competition 

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Lehr Kiessling 1999 examined the demand for strong centralized Authority

Lehr Kiessling 1999 examined the demand for strong centralized authority to strengthen the competition in the telecom industry The authors believed that to achieve deregulation and increased local competition U S and liberalization EU policy both U S and Europe must develop one centralized authority which helps to minimize the varied rules and diverse regulation fostering competition The problem identified by the authors in EU is authority depends only on National Regulatory Authority NRA s and European Commission EC while in the U S between State Public Utility Commission PUCs and Federal Communication Commission FCC They believe that there exists the status quo and large monopoly regulation especially in U S Bell Atlantic and in Europe Telecommunication Organization TOs such as France Telecom and Deutsche telecom which discourage or postpone competition The writers also discussed Dual regulation such as National regulatory and centralized authority which makes difficult to regulate policy For instance in U S FCC was case delivering intrastate facilities by 8th circuit because according to Telecommunication act 1996 they must deploy only on an interstate and long distance communication They also argued that Europe has more problem regarding centralized authority than the U S because of heterogeneity culture languages and different political conditions and situations 

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