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Sociology is defined as the Study of Human Social Life

Christianity and started building a new framework that separated religion from politics It was at the end of the Enlightenment that both England and France went through revolutions The French revolution saw dramatic changes in the distribution of wealth aristocrats suddenly lost their money and peasants who had been at the bottom of the social ladder suddenly rose transforming the social structures of a class society The industrial revolution saw a rapid movement of people abandoning their agricultural lives and move to urban areas in the search for work Sudden urbanisation created a new world and people were faced with disorder poverty disease and uncertainty Auguste Comte 1798 1857 classical theorist and French philosopher coined the phrase sociology He sought to explain the radical changes that had occurred due to modernity in order to create social ideas to improve society Comte believed in a law of three stages theological where people took a religious view of society a metaphysical understanding society as a natural not a supernatural His final stage scientific or positivism brought with it a way to apply the methodology used in the natural sciences to study society he believed this stage to be the pinnacle of social development Positivism is an approach that studies society and uses the evidences available like that of statistics qualitative results and experiments In order to identify the function and operation of society Hasan et al 2016 It recognises only what can be scientifically verified Emile Durkheim 1858 1917 The first ever Professor of Sociology was himself concerned with the rapid social change brought about with industrialisation He believed that society was based on a mechanical solidarity and had a strong collective conscience Durkheim 2007

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