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Kenya has temperate and tropical climates that somehow affect their livelihood health sanitation shelter and economic development According to Human Rights Watch 2015 extreme weather events such as drought flooding heat shocks melting glaciers and sometimes the possibility of crops being frozen which negatively affects a farmer s harvest that could lead to food scarcity A convention named Climate Summit where countries express their help and ask for other countries help in formulating a plan to help that said country with the current issue concerning extreme weather events that causes negative effects to the economy of the country Even though Kenya had exerted effort in developing the Kenya National Climate Change Response Strategy 2013 and the Kenya National Climate Change Action Plan 2013 it was still advisable for the government of Kenya to assess those regions and states who would be greatly affected by the extreme weather events and develop a plan on how to address the situation when it occurs to somehow lessen the impact of damage to the regions and states On the other hand a website Denmark in Kenya and stated that because of the misused resources of Kenya that was supposed to help Kenyans in times of harsh conditions a cooperation between 

Kenya and Denmark which resulted to the Danida Climate Change Screening where they screen climates and process on how to inform people on how to adapt in times of harsh weather events In the site of Government of Kenya and claimed that the National Climate Action Plan began last March 27 2013 which stated that Kenya would somehow be granted of their rights to basic necessities that may be affected when extreme weather conditions take place At times like these Kenyans could only start storing food for climate changes that would affect the livelihood of the agriculture sector Accurately reporting these regions and states what may happen in the future because of climate change would somehow inform everyone of what to expect and what to prepare for According to Human Rights Watch 2017 there is a problem with the human rights policies in Kenya because of officials ignoring the extra judicial killings that were linked to Al Shabaab a jihadist group and the cases concerning sexually abused and violated women There are issues with the involvement of policemen and those in power who sexually violate women and abuse children The lack of protection of women and children especially during elections lead victims to develop trauma due to the events that these victims had encountered Those women who file cases about their harassment are somehow disregarded and ignored by the police which demotivated women to tell the authorities of what had happened to them It could be noted that Kenya needs help in this issue concerning the discipline of officials Kenya could somehow train better and respectful policemen with the help of experts and launch a policy for the protection of women and children Based on the statistics stated in PRB 2015 teenagers in the age of 15 19 becomes a mother which makes them limited to growth and social development 

These women would have complications in education thus making them stop school Another negative factor of being a mother at an early age is that there is only limited health care for both mother and child In spite of this Kenya had made efforts in informing the public the risk of possessing HIV HIV testings could be requested in hospital some with or without consent On the other hand the traditional female genital mutilation is starting to decline in Kenya but is still practiced in some regions in the northern regions It was stated in the statistics paper that men are still superior to the women which make women susceptible to domestic violence which most of the times lead the wife to be sexually abused by her husband Meanwhile an organization named Division of Reproductive Health offers women equality and reduces the risk of women to experience harmful practices and experiences Informing the youth of the consequences of early sexual interactions may somehow prevent teen pregnancies and the risk of possessing HIV Beneficial policies for mother and child should be planned to somehow support the child and mother with their situation In the cite of The Presidency n d it stated that the National Youth Empowerment Strategic Plan 2016 2021 is about the protection and guidance of the youth Some policies and projects are catered for the benefit of the youth who are to continue their parent s inheritance in sectors like agriculture with the help of the government Health projects for the youth are also proposed to them for the youth be included in the development of their country Moreover Kenya Private Sector Alliance 2015 stated that the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project that was funded by the World Bank was a successful project that trained the youth to jobs that they might venture into when they apply for jobs These organizations use entrepreneurship and economic development for youth empowerment Furthermore the youth is exposed to different fields that would prepare them for the future The introduction of technology to these children in order to expose them to the innovative world So far there are organizations that operate in this field which successfully empower the youth and encourage these students that maybe someday they would make a difference and contribute to the development of their country

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