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All about Dental Implants

The earliest known functional dental implants were discovered in Honduras in 1931 these implants were made of shell sculpted into the shape of a tooth and inserted into slots that were cut into the alveolar bone The bone seemed to show signs of healing and binding with the shell Remains from the mayan civilization seem to show a widespread tooth enhancement that can date back all the way to 600 A D Likewise remains of the beginnings of dental implants have also been found in egyption civilization bridges made of human teeth were discovered being held by gold liguratures Modern research has found that these prosthetics could not have been functional and were probably used after death in the belief that they take their belongings buried with them into the afterlife Moving up to the 1950s Swedish professor per ingvar branemark introduced osseointegration Professor Branmark began experimenting with titanium implant chambers in order to study the blood flow in a rabbits bone After experimentation it was discovered that the bone had fused with the implant so much that the chamber couldn t be removed Experimentation with humans began in the 1960s and his first patient went to live another 40 years with the implants being functional Leonard Linkow in the 1950s was one of the first to insert titanium and other metal implants into the bones of the jaw Artificial teeth were then attached to these pieces of metal In 1965 BrÃ¥nemark placed his first titanium dental implant into a human volunteer Dental implants are artificial teeth attached to anchors surgically placed deep within the gingiva and alveolar bone 

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