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Trait theories have a way of considering who is a Leader

Trait theories have a way of considering who is a leader and who needs a little help to become a leader With trait theory everyone has the opportunity to be a leader even if they need a little extra knowledge and skills Within behavioral theories there are three styles autocratic democratic and laissez Faire Between these two as of right now the similarity is between trait theory and autocratic leadership These two styles work within themselves and create a strong leader with little freedom Situational theory is one where there is a give and take The leader is there to make sure the job gets done but is also able to hear input from other people Situations can change every day and a leader must be prepared for whatever is thrown their way The situational theory almost marries a democratic style of leadership in such a way that a democratic leader must be flexible to be able to increase motivation and creativity Involving team members brings out the best in them and makes them more productive not less Weiss 2015 I would follow a situational theory style of leadership because you always have to be ready for change 

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