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The General objective is to know and understand the Impacts

Objective The General objective is to know and understand the impacts of climate change in trekking tourism Specific Objectives 1 To elaborate the impact of climate change in environmental resources 2 To study their level of center addition to their interest in climate change adjustment and mitigation 3 To study the effect of less snow in a Mountain area and direct impact on tourism sector Literature review Nepal is landlocked country surrounded by India in east west and southern side and the Tibetan region of china on the northern side 8 out of 10 highest mountain peaks in the world lies in north boarder of Nepal Along with different other heritage of Nepal its cold weather is also the strong attraction Mountains contain large number of ice which are huge reservoirs of freshwater in frozen form which maintain a perennial flow of the major rivers of Nepal and also the Ganges in India Shrestha and Aryal 2011

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