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Media Ethics In the span of communication Effective

Media Ethics In the span of communication effective communication is important in affecting public point of view Before exploring more about Media Ethics in Islam one should have a clear knowledge about Media and Ethics How they can be related with each other in knowledge of Islam Media is now a day s fundamental channel of communication all around the world in form of broadcasting and narrowcasting which included television newspapers internet and communication through telephone Ethics or Moral Philosophy is moral principles dealing with good and bad moral duty of an individual behavior which is based on the activity which is conducted by particular group culture and etc Media Ethics When we combine these two subdivisions we have a mixture of principles and standards A definition that can be form with these mixtures is as follow Media ethics is the subdivision of applied ethics dealing with the specific ethical principles and standards of media including broadcast media film theatre arts print media and the internet Ethics is important in media because it create a guideline for the journalists to remain in the limits Professional responsibility legal responsibility social responsibility should be the main priorities for any type of media organization 

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