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Rome eventually became the Epicenter

Rome eventually became the epicenter of one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world The people of Rome conquered many of the territories including Greece and Egypt Rome grew from a small town on the Tiber River to become a great power Rome conquered Greece Mesopotamia Egypt and Persia Rome's central location and good climate were factors in its success Because most of Italy is surrounded by water Romans could easily travel by sea Most of Italy has warm dry summers and mild rainy winters Rome s position is ideal because it is surrounded by mountains and is on the Titus River Also the mountains are some what a natural barrier and it is easier to attack going downhill the uphill The Roman Republic started the year 338 BC and ended the year 133 27AC The climate is similar to that of California Italy's mild climate allows people to grow a many crops Grains grapes citrus fruit and olives all grow well there A large food supply was one main key in Rome's early growth The Romans believed their history could be traced back to the great Trojan hero named Aeneas When the Greeks destroyed Troy in the Trojan War Aeneas fled with his followers After a long and dangerous journey he reached Italy The story of this trip is told in the Aeneid a poem written by a poet named Virgil around 20 BC According to the story when Aeneas reached Italy he found several groups of people living there He formed an alliance with one of these groups called the Latins Together they fought the other people of Italy 

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