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Over the years I have constantly been striving to add value to Myself

This drive has helped me pursued academic distinctions and paved the way for a promising future As the improvement of one's intellect and physical capacities is also the correct means of contributing to humanity I graduated with a First Class honors degree in Accounting and Finance from Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone In this first ever university to be established in Sub Saharan Africa my constant strides to achieve academic excellence yielded fruits I ranked top in my class As a result of my exemplary performance the University in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank presented me an award plaque and the sum of Le 1million for an outstanding performance in Accounting and Finance Besides my dedication to my studies my enormous love for my subject areas and my never give up attitude led to this great performance Upon completion of my undergraduate studies I craved to find answers to some relevant questions that I had kept asking myself What is the next challenge How can it help increase my value The answers were apparent Since I had done Accounting and finance for my bachelors degree it is essential that I specialize in one of the subjects in the field that I found fulfilling hence I have decided to embark on a Masters degree in Information Systems Assurance Management 

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