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The Influence of the Pictorialist Movement on Modern Photography The release of the snapshot by Kodak in America lead photography to be more about the documentation of events and reality of the world Many photographers began to realize that the photos they produced were very comparable to the beauty of painting or sculpting because they manipulated their negatives and prints in order for the photo to have the same effect The Pictorialist Movement was a way to push the art community into accepting photography as a medium in fine art The photographers that lead groups in this movement argued that photography should be considered a medium of fine art because they wanted the people who viewed their photos to focus more on the subject matter The Pictorial Movement was able to lead to modern photography by focusing in on composition the use of light and the actual craft of capturing the perfect photo Originating in Britain the Pictorialist movement was developed by Henry Peach Robinson because of the publication of his book Pictorial Effect in Photography In the book Robinson mentions how he wanted the artistic aspect of photography to be completely separated from the scientific view With Collaborating with the pioneer photographer Oscar Gustave Rejlander they were able to combine multiple 32 to be precise images into one final Robinson II montaged combination print Lalwani Robinson realized that with using this method of photography the photographer was in more control of how the subject matter in the photo was perceived 

This meant that instead of the thought of the photographer just taking the photo photographers were able to control every angle and even the finest details in order to create an image Robinson s method of taking multiple images and combining them into one photograph allowed him to create a photograph that appeared to almost mimic a painting This was what led to the birth of the Pictorial Movement Initially the idea of Pictorialiam was heavily criticized by many people in Robinson s society especially from the Photographic Society of Scotland Using the form of protest they declared that Robinson s method of combining small images to create a big photograph was mere patchwork certainly not photography Lalwani Robinson had decided that instead of visually showing the step by step in his process he instead showcased his final product to the public and many of his critics With the release of his most famous photograph Fading Away many people argued that what the photo depicts is almost a private subject that brings out feelings of sadness and suffering out of people who have had to live through caring for a sick family member

To his surprise Prince Albert loved the idea of using photography in order to focus on a certain subject and to see the beauty of it no matter how dark the subject matter appears to be Lawani Impressed Prince Albert went on to buy several copies of Robinson's work regularly Later in Robinson's career he went on to help form a group called the Linked Ring that was full of photographers who claimed to be disillusioned by the photographic establishment as Robinson III represented by the Photographic Society Getty The main goal of forming this group was to combat the criticisms of the Photographic Society and make an advancement of the art of photography Hostetler It ran almost as comparable to the Illuminati in a way that is was a secret society As in the name each member of the society was thought be a direct link into each other and their meetings usually resembled special celebrations In order to become a member in this group you had to be cordially invited by one of the leaders in the group If you were chosen to join the members of the society believed that the invitees had a deep understanding of every aspect of the art form from the chemical development processes to optical and mechanical skills Dupuis 

This meant that people that were invited had to be very talented and already have some of their own works published into the local media at that time The Linked Ring opened up their invitation to the group all around Britain and even made it s news to America This is what made the pictorialist movement spread into America and made it more into a global movement In America the photographer Alfred Stieglitz decided to take in the initial pictorial philosophy from Robinson and decided to develop a group called The Photo Secession in New York In order to be included in the group the fellow photographers had to have mutual feeling of belonging and of course Stieglitz s approval Chicago Most of Stieglitz s colleagues joined him in this movement Many photographers that worked alongside him were Gertrude Käsebier Frank Eugene and etc Hostetler Stieglitz was able to support and oversee this group publish many works into a publication called Camera Work and was able to run Robinson IV many gallery openings featuring the Photo Secession collection Stieglitz also was responsible to selecting a certain amount of works from the group and submitting them to the national and international photography salons submitting the loan collection of the Photo Secession Chicago Turning the view of photos into fine arts started with this group putting forth an extraordinary degree of craftsmanship to the making of photographic prints Henry This meant that they used high quality picture paper they developed many new methods to make their photos appear to contain painted details Using a soft camera exposure also helped to make many photos transform into art Robinson V

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