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Rules and skills of the hostage negotiation process

Not all negotiators are equal with their abilities and skills. There are several mistakes that hostage negotiators can make during a crisis or hostage negotiation. One of the biggest mistakes hostage and crisis negotiators make is rushing the negation process and moving entirely too fast Sebenius 2001.  Time is said to be a negotiator's greatest ally during crisis or hostage negotiation. Time is also one of the most crucial tools for negotiators during negotiations of crisis and hostage situations Fuselier 1981. In a crisis situation the individual in crisis is not able to communicate and explain their story when the negotiation is being rushed. When a crisis or hostage negotiation process is slowed down it allows the individual in crisis to calm down Sebenius 2001. This is important because crisis and hostage negotiations are stressful. The individual in crisis is emotional angry stressed and mentally unstable. If the negotiation process is done at a slower pace the individual in crisis can speak and express what they are thinking and feeling and this information assists the crisis negotiator in having a negotiation that is more cognitively based instead of a negotiation that is being controlled by emotions McMains Mullins 2014.
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