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An End to a Long Debated Controversy Torture puts a person who may have committed a wrong doing during their life into a situation where they in no way should ever be in Torture has been around for a long time and in every single case it has never been justified once It makes people feel like they have no rights are worthless and aren't even a person anymore So many people disagree with this way of gaining information and it is time for a change to be made once and for all Some of us have relatives who are in the military and just being in the war is enough to scar someone for life now put that said person in a room where they are being waterboarded This will extremely shatter someone's mind and self integrity Laws have been passed in the U S that outlawed torture but it is still being done outside the country as well as many other countries It is now time to outlaw this everywhere Torture isn t always a way to gain true and valuable information In 2005 Arizona senator John McCain recalling his own experiences as a prisoner of war claimed he gave misinformation to his North Vietnamese torturers For instance he recited names of the Green Bay Packers football team instead of his associates names Garvey 

The defense of that it gets the information needed to advance and stop future attacks is a completely false statement It can never be a hundred percent reliable and the person who is the one being tortured can and will say anything to make it stop There is only one thing on the mind of the person and that is to do whatever is necessary to ensure that they will be able to survive this and continue their lives In America where it was viewed as a practical use after the 9 11 attacks was polled in the year 2005 if torture was ever acceptable In polling conducted in 2005 Americans had reservations about specific practices including waterboarding and disapproved in much greater numbers according to Gallup Beaucar Vlahos It is not just in the United States that torture isn t viewed as something that should be done there are multiple countries Torture is a widely viewed thing that should never be done It is illegal in most countries and if it isn t it is generally very frowned upon If somebody who is pro torture tries to argue against the country it is an invalid argument If the said country made it illegal there was definitely a purpose for it They will not make something legal again if they felt that it was something that didn't represent their country 

Our team of researchers at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School has begun the first such review and we ve found that Washington s use of torture greatly damaged national security It incited extremism in the Middle East hindered cooperation with U S allies exposed American officials to legal repercussions undermined U S diplomacy and offered a convenient justification for other governments to commit human rights abuses Johnson This report found that the U S use of torture made it worse for everybody The extremists that it was used on to try to prevent anymore attacks just furthered their agenda It pushed them to do more and ended up causing more damage than it did at the start There isn't a lot of things that people from different countries can agree upon but banning the use of torture is one of them People s opposition of torture is a very popular thing But intense public opposition to torture led Dutch political leaders to fear they would face domestic backlash if their army helped apprehend al Qaeda or Taliban members who then ended up at Guantánamo Bay These concerns helped delay parliamentary approval for the deployment of Dutch troops until early 2006 Johnson 

The people's opinion on torture completely changed how the government went to act on the situation Torture is not something any person would be proud to admit that their country does on a consistent basis It is a violation of human rights that nobody wishes on their worst enemy In some rare cases it has been found that some find it to be a justifiable technique to gather information After 9 11 the U S used a variety of torturing techniques to gather information about Al Qaeda and other terrorists that were responsible Without knowing the U S endangered the lives of their soldiers that were caught The suspected terrorists that were tortured and then released told their leaders and when a U S soldier was caught the terrorists inflicted even worse punishment than they had faced Fig 1 Steve Sack Cartoon http judiphilly blogspot com 17 September 2006 Torture is a complete violation of human rights It puts someone in a situation where they no longer feel like a person but rather an object It is something that should have never been accepted from the start It is something that is needs to be removed from society and never come back Torture should never be legalized again no matter the circumstance and needs to remain illegal forever

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