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Background of the Study Learning a second language is most likely to be a difficult skill for students struggling to learn All together for them to have better understanding accomplish phenomenal grades and performance they first should realize that there is no easy route conceivable in acquiring a language particularly a language that is not listed as our mother tongue Hence there is a vital need for the students to identify and recognize the learning style which suits them best for them to learn more efficiently As it was stated by Soo 1999 dissimilarity in learners learning styles influences the learning situation by whichever sustain or reduce their intended cognition and active engagement it can be said that an educator s teaching style might only suit to a maximum of 20 of the students preferred way to learn but not the balance of 80 

This explains how the students learning style plays a big role in determining the level of engagement and achievement of the students themselves Learning styles are a sign of how students ingest and digest information Reid 1995 divided learning styles into three major categories which are sensory learning style cognitive learning style and physiological learning style It is almost natural to expect a variation of learning styles among the students in the lecture situation as every individual has their own preference and unique ways in obtaining both information and knowledge Most of the times there are mismatches occurring between learning styles and teaching styles This is due to the fact that students might have different levels of intelligence motivation or even feedbacks towards the exercises which are conducted in the lecture situation When this happens students concentration span in class are very low resulting in poor performance in the classroom This can be very frustrating for both students and educators Given the benefits of learning styles this survey tries to discover Bachelor of Early Childhood with Honours undergraduates learning style preferences by determining which type of learning styles is the most efficient for everyone respective learning process by adapting the Learning Style Survey For Young Learners Assessing Your Own Learning Styles designed by Cohen Oxford and Chi in 2002 It is made with the intention to analyze the students learning styles which can be much favorable to them in order for them to succeed and becoming better students in the future 

1 2 Problem Statement Students level of achievement may probably related to learning style preferences It can be said that their success in learning depend on the understanding of learning style characteristics of the students Domini 1979 found out that college students who were taught with their preferred learning styles record higher marks on assessment fact information attitude and competence compared to those who were taught in instructional styles different from their preferred learning styles Most Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honors students in University of Selangor Bestari Jaya Campus are facing the difficulties in trying to comprehend the lesson learnt during the lecture situation Since they are not aware of their own learning style preferences they become demotivated and sometimes too frustrated to learn These students tend to simply pay little attention in the sense of concentration in classroom which has led to poor performance in the course and finally giving up in learning This leads to underachievement in the students From the lecturers perspective they hold on to the belief where the students low scores and result are due to total laziness and lack of interest in the course itself There are numeral factors that influenced the students learning style preference The students physical behavioral thinking styles communication techniques rate of learning and the cognitive styles determine their learning styles Curry 1990 Dunn 1992 Keefe 1987 Each and every student has their own way in receiving the new knowledge that they learnt Since every student is exposed to different life experiences in learning this would have made a difference in how they prefer to learn Persistently Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honors undergraduates in University of Selangor Bestari Jaya Campus struggle to learn in order to obtain good result and positive outcome from their learning processes 

Students need to put effort in studying the learning style they preferred to use in learning process so that it would be easier for them to acquire language Felder Silverman 1988 Godelski 1984 Oxford et al 1991 Smith Renzulli 1984 They need to identify the learning preferences as a way to achieve better result The learning styles are the view in mature ways of thinking about information and learning The information and knowledge have to go into the head through some sensory direction and people have some sensory pathways that work better than others Hence even if the students have their own preferred learning styles it is helpful if they are aware of other styles and know the ways to reinforce the weaker styles To put the discussion in a nutshell it is very crucial for Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honors undergraduates to identify their learning style s strengths and weaknesses By recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of each learning style students become more efficient and successful in their learning and more probable to attribute achievement or breakdown to their own choice of learning behavior 1 3 Objectives of the Study This study is proposed to examine the most preferred language learning styles of Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honors students in Universiti Selangor Bestari Jaya Campus It is adopted from the previous research of Learning Style Survey For Young Learners Assessing Your Own Learning Styles Cohen Oxford Chi 2002 In the lead of determining the students learning style preferences the alternative learning styles that suit the students learning preferences will soon be introduced

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