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Part of growing up and learning how to be a human is expressing yourself Have restrictions on that to me is ridiculous I understand that for work you will need to follow a dress code The Reading Eagle says The major reason why dressing in proper business attire is important for every business professional is because it presents a visual image and sends a message that the employees are professional I completely agree with that but it is a different environment than school I grew up with the idea that my shoulders can't show and my pants have to at least go to my knees At first there was no reasoning for it but then I started learning that showing my skin would distract boys from doing their work It does not make sense Showing up to school naked is one thing but having holes in my jeans is another In eighth grade I came to school in jeans with holes in them a jacket tied around my waist and a long sleeved shirt I went through all of my six classes without one word being said to me then I went to my last class and my teacher dress coded me The next semester I had her class first period and wore the same outfit because I truly saw nothing wrong with it I got called down to the office and she had dress coded me again I had to sit in the office while missing all my class and the one after that My mom finally came and got me to change but by the time I got home to change school was over I was fully covered but you could see slightly above my knee with jeans on but I had to miss a full day of school When I was at weber I got dress coded 4 times because of the same thing or you could see half my shoulder I just stayed in class and continued through my day because there is no reason that I needed to miss because of it It is always so unfair and ridiculous If you could see what I was wearing when I would get dress coded you would laugh They are putting my education on the line for boys education 

When my shoulder is not going to distract any boy Boys in class are loud and distracted in general It needs to be changed I found this article and it is interesting On April 20 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on their school in Littleton Colo killing 12 students and one teacher before turning their guns on themselves After this tragedy people looked for answers and soon were drawn to the behaviors of Harris and Klebold including their clothing which consisted of trench coats with pockets deep enough for weaponry After this horrific attack many schools started to adjust their policies on what students were allowed to wear to school in an effort to prevent another Columbine from happening I understand the no hoods and trench coats part of the dress code but they never enforce that part of it On the TODAY show on August 30th this year they featured a school who has changed their dress code drastically Marjie Erickson worked her entire senior year at Evanston Township High School to alter the school s dress code but even she was admittedly amazed to learn it had changed so completely heading into this fall semester The high school in Evanston Illinois went from banning leggings tank tops hoodies hats and spaghetti straps to allowing them this school year all in the name of body positivity and inclusion I was so surprised and honestly kind of honored that it was changed and changed so completely Erickson told TODAY They didn t pick and choose pieces of what we said we wanted It really stuck to new policies and the new enforcement The school made it clear that the dress code is written in a manner that does not reinforce stereotypes and does not reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression of any group based on race sex gender identity gender expression sexual orientation ethnicity religion cultural observance household income or body type size I love reading this I truly think people are changing for the better and I am so glad Hopefully Utah will catch up 

Some pros of having a dress code is promoting a sense of security and kids learning discipline Cons are affecting expression suspensions can take focus away from education and rules are not enforced envenly The cons easily outweigh the pros and it is obvious why I interviewed a teacher at Weber High and she said Girls wearing tank tops and tiny shorts is very distracting to the boys at this school trying to get an education There is no reason for anyone to dress that way Following dress code shows that you can follow rules which is a skill you need in all of your life Next I interviewed a girl at Weber High and this is what she said Boys do not really have a problem with dress code so it does not affect my learning or being able to stay focused at all Then a boy at Weber High and this is what she said If I think a girl is hot it doesn't matter what she is wearing I will still look at her It is obvious that dress code is something that is outgrown and needs to change Grades Feedback

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