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Islam similar to any religion is confronting Difficulties

Introduction Islam similar to any religion is confronting difficulties to develop and change in accordance with advancement and specifically to the monetary and social energy of a prevailing West It has turned out to be typical to watch that the Islamic world and the West show up to be buried in a heightening cycle of political and social clash and that the most critical wellspring of contention is the significantly disrupted nature of American relations with the Muslim Discussion Religion As a monotheistic religion Islam portrays itself as the rest of the three amazing Abrahamic certainty traditions The Qur ʾ ān and ḥ adīth the two definitive wellsprings of Islam and the later scholarly traditions reveal an extreme cognizance of Judaism and Christianity Hashemi 2014 The two sources contain different references to Jewish and Christian subjects calling upon Jews and Christians to participate in a generous monotheism against Meccan polytheism and its fiendishness Normally acquainted with a multi religious and multicultural condition early Muslims were in contact with the distinctive Jewish and Christian social order of the East in the eighth and ninth many years 

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