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Lin Manuel Miranda was born on January 26 1980 in New York City Since he was born in New York he had an exposure to the arts at a very young age He grew up in a home with parents from Puerto Rico His Puerto Rican roots were very important to him and his family He would go to Puerto Rico every summer Music and the arts helped him become who he is at a young age he started to learn how to play piano When he saw his first musical on broadway he was hooked The musical he saw was Les Miserables at age 7 he was so interested in being a part of something so life changing From that moment he stepped foot on broadway he was home Fast forward many years he became a high school english teacher But later on realized it was not his passion so he put all of his energy into theatre He was in West Side Story In the heights Bring it on and of course Hamilton He was also involved in the Disney movie Moana soundtrack with the song Your welcome he composed the song that was in the movie Lin Manuel Miranda did translation work for the wonderful musical West Side Story He wanted to get involved with this musical because he thought it had such an amazing storyline He understood what it was about because he grew up in a Puerto Rican family just like in the show He translated the music for this show to be more modern and understandable In the heights was on broadway from March 9 2008 January 9 2011 Lin Manuel starred as the character Usnavi Lin also composed the musical and became extremely close with the director which helped him latter on

He won his first ever Tony for this musical The tony was for Best original score written for the theatre The musical In the heights was written to talk about wanting a better life for people When casting the director spoke to Lin Manuel Miranda and said that the cast should not all be latino The director of in the heights Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento said she wanted the cast to be very diverse and inclusive The reason why is because the musical is about using where you are from and to embrace it and to use it to your advantage This musical started off as a college production but it became so popular it ended up on broadway and Lin won a Tony for it In the musical Bring it on Lin Manuel Miranda composed the music and was known for creating a huge hit once again Bring it on was performed from August 1 2012 December 30 2012 Although he did not perform in Bring it on he managed to write an amazing composition that highlighted the voiceparts of all of the characters in the musical Hamilton is one of the biggest and most loved musicals it has become an American favorite People to this day are still waiting to buy tickets because they are continuously sold out The musical hamilton has helped kids and adults learn all about Alexander Hamilton in a fun and exciting way Hamilton is a musical all about how Alexander Hamilton grew up and became a powerful man It also explains that no matter what happens to anybody they can accomplish anything In Hamilton it talks about how Alexander Hamilton s family died and he was left to fend for himself and he did just that 

He managed to have a small feud with Thomas Jefferson which lead to a lot of drama This whole musical is very historical and brings new eyes to a historical story that many people did not know anything about Hamilton has been performed form August 6 2015 to present day In 2015 Hamilton won three drama desk awards Outstanding lyrics Outstanding Music and Outstanding book of a musical It has won two Tony awards and a pulitzer prize just in 2016 Best book of a musical Best original score written for a musical and the Pulitzer prize for drama When Lin manuel Miranda started creating this show he made sure he was not going to waste his shot he had no idea it would be this much of a success Currently Lin Manuel Miranda has created a foundation to help restore Puerto rico to its original beautiful island He will be bringing the musical Hamilton to Puerto Rico to bring money into the island by selling tickets for 15 dollars although it may not seem like a lot it is still going to make an impact on the island by restoring it to its fullest potential He also has another campaign called Toys 4 Puerto Rico where he plans on collecting toys for kids in puerto Rico They have collected 36 000 toys for kids so far These toys will be distributed on three kings day He composed a song and whenever someone buys it all of the proceeds go to Puerto Rico He is a big supporter of the hispanic federation which is why he has used his music to help Puerto Rico hurricane relief All in all Lin Manuel Miranda is a stellar composer He has been apart of the theater ever since he was young and always put his heart and soul into helping others Not only a composer he is a actor friend son and most importantly he is a humanitarian There's A million things I haven't done but just you wait Just you wait Lin Manuel Miranda Hamilton

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