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Brookings Hall a large structure positioned on the Washington University

Advanced Geometry Architecture Paper Brookings Hall Washington University St Louis Brookings Hall a large structure positioned on the Washington University campus is an impressive building filled with history In 1899 Washington University held a competition to see who could come up with the best architectural design for the new building they planned on creating The competition was really fascinating because in the modern era such things like that don t exist and it gave everyone the chance to potentially design a gigantic building The administrators at Washington University selected the design submitted by a firm based in Philadelphia named Cope and Stewardson Cope and Stewardson was said to have taken inspiration from buildings at Cambridge or Princeton On November 3 1900 the first cornerstone was laid In two years the building would finish being constructed The building itself looks like the letter I because it has a long corridor intersected at its two ends with a smaller corridors The corridors are made out of stone and brick and look like rectangles with isosceles triangles of the same width on top of them The isosceles triangles create the roof and they are made out of asphalt shingles The brick design adds to the buildings prestigious ambience because it represents wealth as it is an expensive material The main large corridor is bisected by a tower like structure that looms over the rest of the corridors The tower is supported by two arches underneath that create a walkway which has a plaque dedicated to William Greenleaf Eliot the University s third chancellor Above the arches is a brick square that has four cylindrical hexagons sprouting up at each of its corners

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Internship is and has always been a great learning Platform

Internship is and has always been a great learning platform one can make mistakes and learn for those mistakes I believe it is a point from where we can start our career This internship has been a prospect for me to test drive a career that I am interested in I have always been enthusiastic to work in the Developmental sector and contribute towards the development of the society This internship helps me to understand and access what it would really be like to work in the developmental sector of Nepal and whether I am a great fir or not given my qualification skills and experience This internship has been a life changing and inspiring experience for me as I get to meet with several local entrepreneurs of Dolakha who are involved in variety of business activities ranging from cultivation of herbs Chiraito Bojho Animal husbandry Pig Goat and Chauri Agriculture Kiwi Mushroom and Vegetables to manufacturing Nepali hand paper and Yak cheese Being born and raised in the south central part of Nepal Chitwan in the upper middle class family I have never been exposed to the rural areas of Nepal and for me the perception of Nepal revolves around my locality and city areas as I have seen and lived the vibrant city life and this internship has provided me to learn about my country its people culture most importantly I get to learn about the society its functioning and how the people of these areas are struggling in their life as I get the first hand experience of the rural life and get to live their life even for short duration i e 90 days I was very much inspired by the peoples their stories their cultures and most importantly their continuous struggle and hardship due to the lack of basic infrastructures and facilities instigates the feeling to do something for the country and for these peoples

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