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System quality is defined as the combination of Features

System quality System quality is defined as the combination of features such as the reliability of computer systems online response time and security Yoon and Kim 2009 Additionally factors such as accessibility flexibility timeliness and integration should also be considered in evaluating the quality of a system Bai Law and Wen 2008 According to the study of Wang Wang and Liu 2015 the quality of the system has a direct positive effect on the satisfaction as well as the impact on the user s commitment DeLone and McLean 2004 also states that a system with poor usability and feedback can lead to frustration Similarly research results from Safa and Ismail 2013 also show that online customer satisfaction is affected by the quality of a website Service quality According to DeLone and McLean 2004 service quality is related to overall support of the service provider to their customers to ensure that the purchase and delivery are carried out effectively Besides the quality of service is also measured by online support capabilities and following up service 

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Mosaic Covenant God had designed the Mosaic Covenant to lead Israel to a Life

Mosaic Covenant God had designed the Mosaic Covenant to lead Israel to a life of practical holiness for them to see the nature of God and His plan for how they should live God revealed the exact function and beauty of his laws to his people at the foot of Mount Sinai The laws were intended to direct the group to meet the needs in a loving responsible manner However most individuals looked at the law the wrong way They looked at it as a way to prosperity They thought that if they obeyed the laws then they would earn God's blessings instead of the means to fulfill God's ultimate law of love Exodus shows that there are three parts to God's law system The first part is the Ten Commandments which contain the absolutes of spiritual and moral life The second part is the civil law that which gives the people rules to manage their lives The third part is the ceremonial law that shows God's people the patterns for building the tabernacle and for regular worship God was reaching out to the Israelites in the importance of their choices and responsibilities 

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Crime is an unlawful behavior which is punishable by the state or the Authority

Crime is an unlawful behavior which is punishable by state or the authority It is again termed to be an act that is not only harmful to an individual but again to the society at large and could earn a punishmentby the law There is a sociological discipline that deals with crime and it is known as criminology or in other words criminal justice Deviance according to Durkheim is any behavior that goes against the social rules and it is sufficient to disapproval from a good number of members of the society Deviance could be either a criminal or non criminal In the present moment in America there are a variety of things that could be considered to be deviance like lying playing with fire excessive gambling alcoholism nudity in public stealing prostitution and even failure to bathe just to mention a few Those who engage in deviant behaviors are termed as deviants This study will primarily expound on the view that a certain level of crime and deviance is not only inevitable but functional basing the arguments on theories of crime and deviance Functionalist theory A lot of people have tried to explain the reason as to why there are crimes in the society Functionalist theory primarily focuses the source of deviance in the social context rather than psychological and biological explanations It is termed to be a social structural and social control theory 

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