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Having insurance to get universal Healthcare

Having insurance to get universal healthcare is something that many citizens would argue that it is a human right for them to have While this is very beneficial for all US citizens to have with these benefits comes cons that go against having health insurance Even with these cons it is still a necessity for every citizen to have health insurance to ensure that their body will get the treatment it needs when the times may come for it to be used Something such as health insurance is very beneficial to preteen girls and women as this is the time where puberty hormones and the chances of getting pregnant start to come into play for women of any race U S citizens should be required to have health insurance because it helps to take care of their overall well being and ultimately having healthcare helps prevent deaths Overall well being can tie in with a person's mental health emotional health or physical health Having health insurance benefits society financially because it covers either the entire cost of a visit or the majority of it The visit can be anything such as to the hospital dentist or even a psychiatrist and nowhere does having health insurance discriminate against anyone It improves the health of the general public as everyone having access to medical care reduces the amount of illnesses and increased overall health of the society 

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