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This document describes the design for the processing Phillips

Process Definition Phillips 66 Ariba TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Summary 3 2 Landscape Components 3 2 1 SAP Ariba 3 2 2 SAP Aribas Cloud Integration Gateway 3 2 3 SAP Process Integration Middleware 3 2 4 SAP Business Suite 3 3 cXML 3 4 Requirements 4 4 1 Goods Purchase 4 4 2 Non PO Purchase 4 4 3 Material Credit 4 5 Process Flow Visualization 4 5 1 Goods Purchase 4 6 Process Flow 4 7 Change History 4 8 Business Approval 5 1 Summary This document describes the design for the processing Phillips 66 orders electronically through the Ariba network directly into our SAP Business Suite Currently customer orders placed through the Ariba network will generate a notification which is sent to a group mailbox maintained by group When this notification is received group will login to the Ariba network web portal to view the order details and manually key the order information into our SAP system Due to the increased number of orders being received from customers using the Ariba network a need automatic reception and processing of Ariba network orders is required Automatically processing of orders from the Ariba network requires a connection between our SAP Business Suite and the Ariba network and the ability to transmit communications using the cXML protocol While we have established a connection between the Ariba network and our SAP Business we have yet to finalize the reception storage generation and transmission of cXML documents 2 Landscape Components

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