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Various authors has done great work regarding identification keys

Various authors has done great work regarding identification keys for mosquitoes The Monographs of Indian Anophelinae and Culicinae by Christropher 1933 and Barraud s Fauna of British India 1934 made a landmark in history of Indian subcontinent regarding studies on mosquito identification In 1974 Ramachandra Rao T published book The Anophelines of India which proved a good key analysis After that Bina Pani Das R Rajagopal J Akiyama 1990 gave 54 species key for Anophelines of India Wattar and Kalra 1961 published pictorial keys for various regions of India for identification of mosquitoes In 1994 Nagpal B N and Sharma V P published pictorial keys on Indian Anophelines The identification of adult Culex mosquito also done by The fauna of British India Barraud 1934 Catalogue of mosquitoes by Knight and Stone 1977 Monographs by Bram 1967 and Sirivanakaran 1976 Aedini is the largest tribe in family Culicidae whose classification is based on Edwards 1932 and Belkin 1962 keys Knight and Stone 1977 provided classification of Aedini which included 5 genera and 50 subgenera The species composition of mosquito varies depending on their geographical and ecological variations 

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